Your divided Mind and Sub-Personalities Healed in Meditation in Raja Yog…

Raja Yoga and the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali Excerpt from Book Four – Kaivalya Pada, The Portion on Absoluteness tells us of the Sub-Personalities, The many artificially produced minds and how to remove them. How to come back to Oneness. How to become Enlightened from 5000 Years of Spiritual Technology.

4.4. The flow of Energy in Meditation does not directly cause natural evolution; it just removes the obstacles, the Energy Blockages and sub-personalities, as a farmer (removes the obstacles in a water course running in his field).

4.5. A Yogi’s selfish egoity alone is the cause of (other artificially) produced minds.

When something bad happens, particularly when we are children, the pain causes the ego mind to divided and a sub-personality inner child is produced which egotistically, selfishly uses all the strategies, The Poor Me, The Violator and the Selfish Competitive Star to GET WHAT IT WANTS!!

Meditation teaches how to heal these selfish ego minds by grounding their initial pain cause and then we absorb them back into the central soul stem. This central soul stem is the Strong One personality, the Director of them all. There can only be One!!!

4. 6. Although the roles in the many produced minds may differ, the original mind-stuff of the Yogi, the Soul, is the director of them all.

This finding the director, the Strong One Soul Personality, is one of the aims of Enlightenment.

As we evolve we naturally create strong sub personalities in our minds by the time of action of splitting due to trauma as a child.

ultimately we have to integrate these sub personalities back into the already stronger director, the soul which is higher than the mind. However, many people so far have not met the director and are evolving only by the subpersonalities.

consequently, in Meditation, right at the beginning of your Energy Enhancement practices in lauching 4 of Level One, we put you in contact with your Soul.

This lauching is most important as it gives you the foundation of your evolution.

Gautama Buddha said he was there only for those few who had the possibility of change, those who are soul connected. Those in whom the Soul is beginning to heal and absorb the egoistic sub-personalities, and talents or psychic powers.

ultimately we become one, when all the sub-personalities and talents, psychic powers, are healed. All the ancient negative energy which is bound up in them is dissolved and they are absorbed back into the central soul stem.

Then we have expert of them all, then we are Enlightened.

This is Meditation Energy Enhancement!

Here we ask the Koan, which is a holy question which can rule you to Enlightenment, “Who is in charge??”


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