Write Your Life story With a Fill-in-the-Blank Workbook

Write Your Life story With a Fill-in-the-Blank Workbook

Treat This Workbook Like Someone You Just Met…”Tell It” All About Yourself!

Memorygrabber is a 321 page downloadable life story workbook.

It is ideal for writing an autobiography or for getting an aging parent or grandparent to finally open up and get those cherished family stories preserved for the ages.

This workbook will ask questions that will make you dig thorough…

…and the responses that come about because of that digging, will generate the most valuable gift that you could ever give your kids and grand kids.

It will be the gift of knowing about your life, their family history and their heritage.

Memorygrabber downloads as a PDF-formatted e-book. An e-book is simply a downloadable “book” and is read using any free PDF reader, such as the Adobe Reader. 

(observe: Additional function, such as being able to kind and save one’s answers directly onto the Memorygrabber pages can be had by using the free FoxIt PDF Reader. More information on this is below. FoxIt currently works only with a PC and  Apple Ipads).

It’s Like “Mining” Your Memories

Memorygrabber uses memory-stimulating questions, activities and exercises to “Mine Your Memories” and to help you ingemination events, people, places and more!

I think that you’ll be surprised at all that you’ve forgotten over the years.

Besides it being a wonderful journey down memory lane for you… Memorygrabber will supercharge your memory, causing a wonderful recollection of stories and experiences from your life.

Of course, it will also help you organize and preserve the memories that you nevertheless cherish and have on the spotlight of your memory.

Sadly, Some Will Leave Only A insignificant Obituary

I’m not a memory specialist, but who I am is a person that is very passionate about you leaving more than a insignificant obituary behind, when your days in this life are over.

Your story and life experiences are, by far, more valuable than anything else that you will leave your kids and grand kids….

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