Will NFTs Be a Bust or expansion for the Art World?

Will NFTs Be a Bust or expansion for the Art World?

Colorado is becoming a capital of cryptocurrency, with Governor Jared Polis pushing the possibilities for the state. In Denver, some galleries and artists are getting in on the game by creating NFTs.

This week, Conor McCormick-Cavanagh profiled the Galaktic Gang, whose collection of 5,500 gangsters sold out fast. But nevertheless, some readers surprise what it’s all about — and in their comments on a Westword Facebook post of our “Art of the Deal” story, others offer answers. Says Joseph:

 Anytime anyone says that they do know about NFTs, thinks they’re stupid, and explains why, some tech bro always responds with “No, you nevertheless don’t REALLY understand NFTs.”

I’m sure those other galleries understand what NFTs are just fine. They just think they’re BS and the artist in question refuses to accept that as a valid criticism.

indicates Christopher:
The art of money laundering.
Adds Wesley:
NFTs are about the wealthy dodging taxes. No more, no less.
Responds Sten: How much money have you raised for charity or donated? My guess is not already on the same level. I can thank crypto and NFTs. So you should check yourself. You can’t manager new tech, and call it out because you didn’t take the time to understand.
Offers Tyler:  That picture is the definition of a brainwashing.
Adds Jay:  I tried reading it, till I read “tech guru.” Concludes Jonathan:  If you’re wasting your money on NFT stuff, then you’re experiencing NTFS (Neurons That Fail Syndrome).
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