Why You Could Lose Your Domain Without already Knowing It

If you have a website you probably also have your own domain as nowadays domain registration is very cheap for the most part.

But this is where part of the problem starts:

Because it is very cost-efficient, many people register domains and forget about them, because its so easy and fast to get a domain.

Before your domain expires and is afterward deleted, your domain registrar – the company that registers domains for you – will send you several email notices informing you of your domain’s position.

Quick Tip 1:

Always make sure you are reachable at your email-address entered with the domain’s WHOIS data.

There’s a possible pitfall that comes along with this:

Spammers scour the WHOIS databases to get new email addresses to send their advertisements to – you may be able to avoid this by using a so-called “WHOIS privacy” service – your favorite domain registrar will surely offer you help in this area.

It might be advantageous to shell out the few additional dollars it costs to protect your privacy.

Quick Tip 2:

Don’t ignore the emails you’re getting from your registrar:

Do something about them closest. Although there is a way of reactivating your domain you really don’t need the hassle that comes with this course of action. Additionally it can be very costly to get your domain back online if you wait too long.

If your domain is really important you might want to consider registering it for five or ten years in improvement – this way you won’t have to worry about your domain possibly expiring for a long time to come.

That’s really all you need to take care of to obtain your domain – after all it’s your “real estate” on the web.

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