Why the Economic Down-Turn Has however to Effect the Growth of Cloud Compu…

Why the Economic Down-Turn Has however to Effect the Growth of Cloud Compu…

You can hear it almost everywhere: the economic climate is plummeting.

Whether it is on a worldwide level or in the UK, everyone agrees that we live in uncertain times where the economy is on a continued down turn. Predicting, in addition as making long-term plans is now a big challenge, making companies attempt to reduce their costs wherever they can.

Despite these efforts, IT has always been a big budget-consumer: whether you’re installing new infrastructures, deploying new features or keeping everything in a smooth and obtain state. additionally, when it comes to human resources, IT people need regular training to keep up the speed when it comes to the current technologies.

Finally, the update-cycle game has it that every three years or so almost all the IT infrastructure needs to be replaced/updated- thereby generating new investments. Given all those facts, new approaches are gaining popularity: in particular cloud computing and Hosted Exchange – making it one of the industries that nevertheless shows regular increase despite the economical issue.

So let’s see few of the reasons behind this success.

  • Cost Solutions: Having a Hosted Exchange 2010 email service brings solutions to an increasing need for reducing costs. Instead of heavily investing upfront into a complicate in-house IT infrastructure, companies now only work on a “pay-as-you-go” scheme, without an initial investment. This drastically reduces the cost of your IT;
  • Leave it to the Experts: Companies can now put focus back on their businesses; they are no longer “distracted” by the technical side of things. Businesses don’t have to heavily invest into IT infrastructure anymore to get and continue a messaging system – gone are the days where they have to bear high total cost of ownership by installing everything in-house. With Hosted Exchange, everything is managed by a third-party who can not only take away the disruption of having to manage your own system, but lower costs since they give the same sets/infrastructure to multiple tenants;
  • Future-proof: Businesses now, more than ever, have a hard time foreseeing the future. Cloud computing brings them the flexibility they are looking for since contracts with a Hosted Exchange solution are so flexible; they can be revoked on a monthly basis for example. Whether the company’s needs grow or spread, a Hosted Exchange 2010 solution can adapt to it without any contractual issues, nor a big budget change;
  • Ease-of-access: Hosted email sets can be used from any place the user might be, as long as they have access to the Internet.
  • Mobility: with smartphones becoming increasingly popular among users, a business messaging system need to adapt and be easy to reach by these devices. A Hosted Exchange 2010 installation is the perfect answer to that challenge. Not only can you choose the smartphone you want, but you’re sure it will be compatible with your cloud computing solution.

Technology is evolving so rapidly. Some business owners adopt new technology to be part of the early adopters, while others go for a specific technology to solve a specific problem. in spite of, a Hosted Exchange messaging system brings the best of both worlds to a business: high features, obtain installation, worry-free IT installation in addition as low-cost and flexible contracts.

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