Why Become A Residential Land Surveyor?

Why Become A Residential Land Surveyor?

The main route to becoming a surveyor is to take a Bachelor of Surveying and this leads to many different jobs, not just land surveying. There are many benefits to become a surveyor, let’s look at some of them.

What Will You Need To Become A Surveyor?

In addition to good team working skills, you’ll need to be good at maths and should have studied Mathematics (Band 5) and ideally HSC Mathematics Extension 1 (Band E1 or above) or equivalent. Ideally you should also have studied a science. As surveyors assemble and estimate geographic information used for planning, you’ll need great data-handling skills in order to produce maps, plans or reports.

What Jobs Will I Be Doing?

Once you complete your surveying degree you’ll have the opportunity to work in a number of lines of work. These include working as a Land Surveyor, an Engineering Surveyor, a Geodetic Surveyor, a Mine Surveyor, a far away Sensing Surveyor or a Topographic Surveyor. As a land surveyor, you’ll be specializing in either residential or construction work. If you choose to go into residential land surveying you’ll be advising homeowner by border surveys or flood elevation surveys. Your work will inform homeowners about their renovation or building plans and might influence their placement or new buildings. You’ll be asked to produce site-plans showing ground markings for extensions planned for homes. After building is complete, you might be hired to prepare an as-built survey for the homeowner’s mortgage company.

High Employment Rates

All university courses offering Bachelors of Surveying offer graduates very high employment rates. The latest courses offered by Australian Universities to those who want to become surveyors see graduates having very high employment rates. The University of Newcastle boasts that graduates from its Bachelor of Surveying course enjoy 100% employment rates.

enlarge Your Horizons

Surveying undergraduates also get to learn a foreign language during their course. This can help students to enlarge their work opportunities. Students have the opportunity to work anywhere in the world as the surveying qualification is accepted in most countries. This method that one of the benefits of training as a surveyor is that you can easily emigrate if you wish to the UK or US and continue your high-paying career there.

Flexibility Of When And How You Work

As a surveying graduate, if you choose to become a residential land surveyor you can find work in consultancies, private practice, and government organizations. Most surveyors move into management after some years in the field. Surveying locaiongs can be long-lasting or contractual so you have a lot of flexibility in when and how you work.

Help The Developing World

Australian surveyors are at the spotlight of international land title projects in developing countries. As a land surveyor, you’ll have transferable skills that you can use to help with sustainable developments all around the world if you wish.

Career Development

The expansion of computer and satellite technologies into land surveying techniques continually creates new opportunities. You’ll find that a career as a land surveyor is varied and fulfilling, offering you plenty of room for specialized growth.

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