Why a Website and What Is Hosting?

Why a Website and What Is Hosting?

If you own a company or are considering starting one, you probably know that among the many things that you will need a website is one that is pretty important. Most people understand that a company needs an associated website but what most people don’t understand is why having one is so important. To answer this question, here are a few basic reasons why your company can assistance from its own web page.

Having an Online Presence

In today’s world, everything is pushed in one respect or another by technology. 30 years ago may have been unheard of for a company to have any sort of success without having a phone number. The same can be said about the Internet today.

Today, a company simply has to establish an online presence and one of the only ways to do this is with a website. The options for creating a site dedicated to your business will vary a great deal and you can use either a small amount of money for a site based on a template or use thousands of dollars to have a site custom-built for you.

Inform Your Customers About Your Business

One of the most advantageous aspects to the Internet is that possible customers can look at a business, view their history, see their products and more without ever having to leave their home. In order to learn more about a company in the past, a person would either have to speak with somebody who was familiar with the business or visit the business themselves. Today, thanks to the Internet, a person can learn a great many details about the company that they are considering spending their money with.

Establishing Customer Relationships

Having a dedicated URL can help a business better connect with existing in addition as possible clients. Whether it’s offering specials in terms of pricing or incentives for repeat patronage, all of this and more can be achieved by the Internet. You can also use your site to better connect with your customers in a way that wasn’t possible when the only form of communication between a consumer and the company was a phone call.


With so many people using the Internet, a website can be advantageous in assisting current clients and customers of your company. It can also be an extremely useful marketing tool to attract new customers. There are endless opportunities that the Internet allows a company when it comes to marketing the company’s products or sets.

In addition, with so many people using the Internet, a company would be very hard-pressed to find another advertising outlet where they could reach as many people as they could potentially reach on the Internet. This is especially advantageous for businesses with smaller marketing budgets.

Hosting Your Site

Now that the importance of a website has been established, the next thing you’ll likely hear about is finding web great number for your site. Once again, if this sort of technology is new to you then you may have questions as to what a web great number truly is and how it relates to the success of your company.

To put it as simplistically as possible, if you have produced a web page for your company, website hosting will be necessary in order for people to see your site on the Internet. Hosting allows you to upload your website by a specific sever — provided by the hosting company — in order for people who are on the Internet to kind in your domain name and navigate your site.

The meaningful to website hosting is to find the right service that works for your needs on the Internet in addition as your budget. Fortunately, there have been meaningful advances and website hosting technology and this has allowed for a great number of options when it comes to choosing a great number plan for the site for your business.

If you have no experience in choosing a website hosting plan for your business, here is a fleeting run down of some of the basic types of hosting plans you can expect to find. This will help you find a hosting plan that will work best for your business and your website.

Shared Plans

Shared plans are perhaps the most basic in addition as the most popular option that you’ll find on the Internet today. One of the reasons why a shared plan is popular is because of how affordable it is. For a company or for individuals that have a limited budget for website hosting, shared plans offer low prices either per month or yearly.

A shared plan is where your site will be housed on an Internet server that is shared by other sites. The downside to a shared plan is that it offers less in the way of performance in addition as resources such as processing strength and bandwidth.

The reason for this is that your site is sharing the server with the other websites that are on that same server. This can create performance issues, but for most new sites, especially those not pulling in a large amount of web traffic, this is the best option to start with as it gives you a decent amount of performance at a reasonable price.

Dedicated Plans

This is perhaps the best hosting option, but it is also the most expensive option. This is where your site is housed on an Internet server of its very own. Your site doesn’t proportion the server with another site.
In addition, you also have the option of installing your choice of software to function your server. This differs from shared web hosting where the administrator or the great number company chooses which software is installed on the Web server that you’re using.

If you have a site that is expected to get a great deal of traffic, or you have a very involved, graphically intensive site, a dedicated plan may be your best option. It’s going to be the most expensive but it will offer you the best performance out of any plan obtainable today.

In addition, some companies find a dedicated server advantageous because the company is able to open several sites on the same server. This could be different versions of their website with different URLs or they could simply rent out the ‘space’ that they aren’t using to other individuals to offset the hosting costs.


VPS stands for virtual private server plans. This is an amalgamation of shared and dedicated hosting. Physically speaking, a VPS is a shared plan where yours and others sites are housed on the same server. Thanks to progressive software, however, each site is virtually encapsulated and operates much like a dedicated server would.

Your site and its performance is not encumbered by another site that may be having difficulty or that crashes. You also have a great deal of flexibility in terms of the software that is used on these servers as opposed to a shared plan.

While this option is a bit more expensive than the shared plan, it is not as expensive as dedicated hosting. basically, this plan gives you the best of both worlds.

The reality is that in spite of of what you may think about Internet technology, if your company doesn’t have a website it will need one. With the amount of options you have for building and getting your site online, there’s no reason why you can’t have a quality site and quality great number plan for a reasonable price.

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