What You Need to Know Before Creating a Website

When you decide to start a new website, there are a associate of things you should take into consideration before getting started. You will need to make some choices about your domain, hosting and hiring a website designer.

When you’re choosing a domain, there are several directions that you can go. You can choose a domain to brand your business, to popularity to the search engines or sometimes you can combine the two. Picking a domain to brand your business involves choosing a domain that matches the name of your company, your motto or some other group of words that are directly related to your business. Choosing a search engine friendly domain name is a bit more complicated. The following are tips on how to find that search engine friendly domain name for your business with great marketing possible.

Choose a top level domain versus a.info domain name, if it is obtainable. Most people search for domain names typing in a.com extension. However, you can also be quite successful with a.net or a.org extension. It’s not uncommon for website owners to buy several versions of their domain name with different extensions. If multiple extensions are obtainable, consider buying them to keep competitors from buying them later and benefiting from your success.

When choosing a domain name for search engine optimization purposes, you’ll want to determine the best keywords to include in your domain. You can do this kind of research on your own, to a certain extent, using tools that are freely obtainable on the web. However, the number of times a keyword phrase is searched is only part of the equation. You also want to make sure that the competition for the term is reasonable.

No matter what domain you choose, always have it hosted by your own hosting server. There are many free website builders that offer free hosting but you will not have your own domain name. Today, there are many web hosting packages that offer a free domain name registration. Take advantage of it so that you stand out from the rest.

Make sure that the domain is registered in YOUR name, not in your website designer’s name, not in your hosting company’s name. already if your hosting company offers to register your domain for you, make sure that you will be listed as the technical contact. You may want to register it yourself if you have any doubts about how the registration will be handled, already if it method passing up on a “free” offer. If you ever want to change hosts or designers, you’ll be glad you spent the ten minutes and $20, vs. the hassle and possible expense of trying to reclaim a domain if it wasn’t registered in your name.

Speaking of hosting, there are many options out there. Hosting companies have different strengths and weaknesses. For example, we recommend a different great number to clients planning an informational website than we do for clients who need a complete ecommerce site. If you are planning to have a blog or any special extensions, you’ll want to make sure that the great number you choose can sustain those. If you have any doubts, contact a website designer, describe what you want and ask for hosting recommendations.

Finally, if you’re not comfortable designing the site yourself, you’re going to need to find a website designer. Of course, we’d love to help you out, but no matter who you choose, make sure that you ask to see some examples of the designer’s work. You may want to already find some websites you like and see who the designer of that site is. Talk to the company before hiring someone. In fact, talk to them a associate of times. Make sure they explain things in a way you understand, that you feel comfortable talking to them and that they return messages in a timely manner.

While you may be tempted to closest go with the cheapest designer, you’ll want to make sure to choose someone who can complete the project in a timely manner and who will not disappear before the project is complete. Having to start over with a new designer will NOT consequence in money or time savings. So, those are the basics. Choose a good domain, pick hosting that fits your website’s needs and find a website designer you enjoy working with.

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