What Was Gilligan’s First Name?

What Was Gilligan’s First Name?

The Seven castaways on Gilligan’s Island were seldom addressed by their complete names. This was consist with series creator Sherwood Schwartz wishes. He wanted to keep the characters as “prototypes instead of fully flesh and blood”. In doing so, many people who have watched the series, never knew the complete name of the characters.  Unlike, Gilligan, the rest of the crew did have complete names which were used throughout the series. Some were only used once during the first episode when a radio broadcast was used to introduce the characters and explain how they were stranded on the island.


It was never clarified whether “Gilligan” was a given name or a surname. There was an urban legend which stated that Gilligan was indeed a surname and that his first name was “Willy”. This fact was confirmed by Sherwood Schwartz who originally named the character Willy Gilligan. This name, however, was never used in the show.

The Skipper Too

While the crew and castaways never call him anything but Skipper. It is revealed in the first episode that the Skipper, an Old Salt in these waters, was named Jonas Grumby.

The Millionaire

The millionaire’s complete name was Thurston Howell III. In the first episode it is stated that Mr. Howell was a Billionaire and one the world’s richest men.

And His Wife

With the exception of Thurston Howell III, everyone referred to “his wife” as Mrs. Howell. Mr. Howell always called her “Lovey” and this was how she was introduced in the first episode. The second last script in Season Two explained that Lovey was only a nickname and that her real name was Eunice.

The Movie Star

The glamorous actress referred to as Ginger throughout the show was Ginger Grant. She went on the cruise nevertheless wearing the evening gown from her past night’s nightclub act.

The Professor

The smartest of the castaways and the person who did the most to keep everyone alive was the professor. He was a research scientist and prominence scoutmaster. His real name was Roy Hinkley

And Mary Ann

Mary Ann Summers of Winfield, Kansas was the last castaway. She was vacationing in Hawaii and worked at the Winfield General Store .

An interesting bit of trivia is that the pilot for Gilligan’s Island was unusable due to the fact that three cast members had been replaced.

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