What Takes Place at a Drunk Driving Roadblock or Stop?

What Takes Place at a Drunk Driving Roadblock or Stop?

There are several reasons why a police officer will pull you over. This could include impaired means lights (turn signals, taillights, headlights, etc), clouded or obscured license plates, behavior on the road (weaving, swerving, straddling, etc), and not following traffic signs such as failure to stop at the red light (reckless driving).

The best protection against being pulled over is to ensure that your means is working properly and avoid situations where you need to drink and excursion. It is important that you don’t give police officers to pull you over.

What happens when you are stopped for DUI and how do you deal with it?

The possible outcomes when you are being pulled over for a suspected drunk driving depends on a number of actions you do during and after the incident in addition as the time of action wherein the arresting officer probe the whole event.

When you see blue lights tailing you and you hear the siren, pull over as soon as you consider the situation and the road safe. Switch on your dome lights and put both your hands on the steering wheel so that the officer approaching your means can see them and to make sure that it will not cause further fear and anxiety. Always have your registration and license at all times on your wallet or dashboard but keep them unless it was asked.

There are several steps that the police officer takes the situation in. The steps include:

o Checking the complete situation and means while approaching
o He/she may ask for your license and/or registration
o He/she may speculate you for driving under the influence
o He/she may ask if you have been drinking (you can honestly say you did not drink or you can ask to talk to an attorney first already though you really did not. Always remember that at all event you say during this situation may be used against you.
o He/she may ask you to have a sobriety test (which in the sense does not entitle you to an attorney)
o He/she may arrest you if it is found that you are indeed driving under the influence

If you are being pulled over by a police officer no matter what the reason is, you should always keep calm and pleasant so that he or she will not give any further reason to arrest you. If you are belligerent and indignant, you risk yourself being suspected further of intoxication or guilty of something.

Being pulled over for a possible DUI can be scary especially when you have had it only for the first time. The feeling will be doubled if you are really innocent and were not driving under the influence. However, always keep calm and remember all your rights.

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