What Stage Of The Smoking Cycle Are You In?

What Stage Of The Smoking Cycle Are You In?

In Australia approximately 20% of adults are smokers, and all of you are in some part of the smoking cycle. This figure is in doubt as government figures differ from tobacco sales figures, which place it at about 23%

1. Those who are new to smoking. In this day and age with the amount of information obtainable, and with almost every family impacted in some way by a smoking death or illness, there are nevertheless people, mostly young adults who are taking up the habit.

2. Those who have smoked a short time, maybe nevertheless in their early twenties, and firmly believe that they will quit when they want to. I’ve lost count of how many long time smokers who can remember a time when they too, believed they would quit when ready.

3. Those who enjoy smoking and believe that somehow they can do what so many before them have failed to do. To somehow magically not be affected by smoking. I guess being blindly hopeful stops them worrying about it.

4. Those who know that smoking is unhealthy for them, but continue because they enjoy it or they think they will miss it too much if they quit.

5. Those who know smoking is unhealthy but think they won’t be able to quit, because of their past experience or of that of others they know who have tried.

6. Those who are experiencing the effects of smoking such as emphysema, or cancer or just short of breath, but choose to continue to smoke, to a non-smoker this is hard to understand, but I have seen it many times, and if this is you it seems to be a part of a long slow course of action of smoking to illness and not some overnight occurrence.

7. Those who are experiencing from a smoking related illness and want to quit but aren’t sure how to do it successfully.

8. Those who are over it in addition continue to smoke out of fear of quitting.

9. Those who are over it and seek help to quit.

10. Those who are fully committed to quitting, take action to seek help and approach the hypnosis session with 100% commitment.

So where are you on the cycle? Hopefully you are not ill, and the good news is that you can jump to level 10 whenever you choose to, all it takes is the decision and the follow by, and you will be so glad you did.

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