What Makes The Pink CHI Flat Iron So Good?

Shampoos and salon hair treatment sometimes do not cater to the daily needs of our hair. Hence, flat irons were invented. After shampooing and conditioning hair, if the desired consequence does not come out and you are running out of time, get your hair straightener on its case and make a quick hair straightening. Talking about hair straightening, there is one product that hits the market by storm. It is the pink CHI flat iron.

More customers buy it than any other straightener brand or form. Why? Is it because of the color that is the fad today- pink? Maybe it is more than that. This calls for a comprehensive explanation. Read on.

by pink CHI flat iron, consumers who have used it do not have to choose between style and substance. Pink CHI straightener is not only pretty in pink, but a typical in addition. truly, there is no difference in the features between it and other types in terms of the material used, styling versatility, ionic technology and ergonomic design that prevents strains in the hands and wrists.

Its amazing features, which have made it the number one specialized flat iron in the world to date, set it except other specialized irons. The features include the following:

• After using this hair straightener, users experience a specialized like hair straightening/curling. No surprise because it is also used in salons and hair treatment centers.

• The material from which it is made- ceramic- allows it to hydrate hair. It has ceramic plates and coils.

• The ceramic produces negative ions with the use of far infrared heat that makes water molecule to break down and penetrate the hair shaft, seal hair cuticle, ward off humidity and lock in hair color. These negative ions make the hair sleek, soft and shiny. additionally, the ceramic allows the temperature to be maintained all the time.

• Different from traditional copper coils, this flat iron because of its hydrating technology does not damage or dry hair.

• The on-off switch of this flat iron is located inside it which prevents accidental shut off.

• Despite the many technologies it is integrated with, this flat iron is not heavy.

• Pink CHI hair straightener fits in a standard curling iron stop.

• It has mechanism allowing it to heat fast.

• It uses up comparatively small amount electricity- about 20 to 25 watts.

• Its all in one ergonomic design allows it to have amazing features such as sleek, straight locks, flips or curls.

• Its 360 degrees swivel cord prevents tangling to it or to your hand.

Get your hair professionally ironed without going to a salon.

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