What Is Medicare Part C And What Are Its Coverage Options?

What Is Medicare Part C And What Are Its Coverage Options?

Medicare Part C, also known as Medicare Advantage Plan, is one of the options you have under Medicare. This plan is obtainable by several private insurance providers who are empowered to sell this plan by Medicare.

What is Medicare Part C?

To understand what is Medicare Part C, you need to understand that this is an option that combines the coverage offered by Part A and Part B, along with certain other areas that these two plans do not cover.

Medicare Part C plans allow you cover for your health care requirement that are not included in Part A or Part B such as dental sets, hearing and vision checks, and wellness programs. Most Part C plans also provide cover for prescription drugs.

When you subscribe to Part C coverage, the amount necessary for this cover is paid by Medicare to the company from whom you have obtained the plan. However, you will have to pay some amount separately from your own pocket.

Medicare Advantage Plan Expenses

For Part C coverage, you need to pay a premium every month that is separate from the premium you pay for Part B. The amount you need to pay depends on several factors as mentioned below.

  • The number of deductibles the plan allows you ever year
  • The character of healthcare service you require, and the frequency with which you make use of it
  • The amount of money you pay towards each service or physician visit
  • Whether a part of your Part B premium is deducted from this Medicare Advantage Plan
  • The amount stated by this plan as the allowable expense on medical sets you make use of

Points to Remember

When you decide to get Medicare Advantage Plan, it is vital to keep a few of these things in mind.

First, you can choose between different plans such as the Health Maintenance Organization, the Preferred Provider Organization and the Private Fee for Service options. Make sure you understand the conditions thoroughly as stated by each option before making a decision on which one to buy.

Second, make a observe of the rules the plan specifies such as the time when you can join or opt out of the plan, the rights you have under the plan and the sets covered by the plan. Pay special attention to the conditions regarding visiting a specialist doctor and receiving authorization for particular procedures or you may find out too late that you have to bear these expenses on your own.

Part C is advantageous because anyone can join this plan irrespective of their existing health condition. The only exception is that patients with end-stage renal disease are not eligible for this coverage.

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