What is a Web Hosting Provider?

What is a Web Hosting Provider?

This is no where near as complicated as it may sound.

If you are new to setting up a web site, then this term may seem pretty daunting, but it really is not.

A web hosting provider is a company who has huge computer servers that contain all the data files for the web sites of its subscribers. This enables your site to be obtainable to be viewed by the world on the internet.

To use a web hosting provider, all that is needed is for you to create your site, choose a hosting service, then upload your sites data files up to the servers and you are then part of the internet.

The service usually includes various packages you can choose from to suit your needs and a variable amount of features, such as options for forums, mailing lists, web site creation software, different email addresses for your site, shopping cart software for processing online payments, etc.

Using a we hosting provider is very easy.

You buy your domain name, then buy a hosting plan.

This usually is as simple as filling out a standard form for setting up payment for the service and choosing a password etc.

Then you point your domain name to the servers you great number provides and FTP upload your web site files.

Your site is then on the internet within a few moments.

Choosing a web hosting service is not hard either.

It is basically a course of action of selecting a package that suits you best and then joining.

They all have various packages for you to choose from.

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