Ways to Keep Track of Your E-Filed Tax Return

To begin this article lets talk about what you should check before you file your taxes! The easiest thing would be for me to say EVERYTHING, but I want you guys to get some useful information out of this thing! Most of these are shared sense, but some people may not be familiar with the new technologies the Internal Revenue Service are harnessing to help people with their electronically filed taxes. E-filing is much easier to track now with the new way the IRS is allowing us to track our refunds!

Over 99,123 taxpaying Americans have filed their returns but didn’t follow up when the refund didn’t come. I don’t know what kind of happy-go-lucky life they have where they don’t need that money! If you’re one of those individuals and you want to enlighten me on your secret to financial freedom, by all method I’ll ignore my tax return in addition! In case you were wondering, all those lost tax returns equals over 153 MILLION dollars!

Now, if there isn’t some big conspiracy that involves great wealth from turning down other wealth, and you’re one of those unlucky individuals that truly wants their return, the money is there, and you can visit the Internal Revenue Service’s online refund tracker Where’s My Refund? This nifty tool will post the position of your refund and sometimes it can give you the reason the delivery failed.

Some not-so-tech-savvy people can nevertheless reach The IRS by their automated refund tracking toll-free number(bet you’re itching to hear that machine voice tell you to press buttons for selections already!) The number is (800)-829-1954.

For the uber-tech-savvy people who are glued to their smart phones, the IRS has an app for that! IRS2Go is the premiere app that allows you to check the position of your refund in real time!

As with any of these methods for retrieving your refund you’ll need your Social Security Number, filing position and expected refund amount to use this app.

The app has several other features in addition, such as signing up for IRS tax updates and for following the IRS on the popular social network Twitter. The final fold-out option of this smart phone Swiss army knife is the IRS2Go’s “contacts” sections, which has numbers and hours of operation for all the IRS’s tax assistance lines.

The IRS2Go app is free and obtainable at both the Apple App Store and the Android Market.

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