Want to Save Money and Electricity? Money and Energy Saving Tips For C…

Want to Save Money and Electricity? Money and Energy Saving Tips For C…

A large portion of the world today uses computers, and, though they consume only a small amount of strength compared to a clothes dryer, they nevertheless consume strength. Using them wisely and energy efficiently saves you money on your energy bills, and reduces the resources needed to create that strength.

First, when you buy your next computer, remember that laptop computers use less energy than desktop computers. Energy efficient though they may be, already when switched off and the battery fully charged, if you leave them plugged in, they continue to draw strength. You should unplug the strength supply/charger from the wall (or turn it off with a switchable strength strip). This will take another “phantom strength” load off your electric bill.

This is also true of desktop computers and monitors. They continue to draw “phantom strength” already when turned off. Put them on a switchable strength strip with surge protection and turn the system off when you are away from your desk for an extended period — you will save money.

Many people believe that screen savers on laptops and computer monitors save energy. Unfortunately, it just doesn’t work that way. When the screen saver takes over, the monitor is nevertheless on and consuming its complete rated strength. Turn on the strength Management features in your computers and monitors and deactivate the screen savers, or select a “blank screen” for your screen saver. They then use energy only when you are using them and “go to sleep” and consume less strength when they are idle for several minutes. In addition, if you will be away from your computer for several hours, and at the end of the day, use the complete shut down procedure for your computer (not “sleep” or “hibernate” mode). Then use your switchable strength strip to turn off strength to the computer, monitor, speakers, and other external devices so they do not consume “phantom strength” that costs you money while you are sleeping.

The important thing is always think about energy use when you buy and use your computer. You will save a great deal of strength, lower your energy bills, and reduce the resources needed to create that strength. already if you create the strength with your own wind and solar generators, if you use less for your computing, you will have more for other things.

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