VidUAll – Free Online Video Conference Website

VidUAll – Free Online Video Conference Website

What is VidUAll? is a new free video conference website which can be used to keep in touch with friends afar.

The website is made to give a video chat conference experience to people who don’t always have the resources to buy conference software or the infrastructure to install software on their computer. All you need for this website is an internet connection and Adobe Flash player. You don’t already need a webcam for text chat is supported on the conference page. As mentioned VidUAll is thoroughly free of charge. You don’t already need to register to get access.

The works

How does this all get into play?

Well that’s pretty simple in addition, all you need to do is find friends and connect to a room you made.

Registration isn’t already required.

You can ask a maximum of 6 people to join your room and chat. All that your friends need to do is kind in the room-name you made and connect to that one. Afterwards your friends should show up in one of the webcam areas. If your friend doesn’t have a webcam he/she can always chat using the text-chat in your room. If you have a microphone you can use that one too.


There are several ways to use VidUAll. The easiest way to do so is just by pressing the make room button on the index page of the website. As mentioned earlier this does not require any registration of any kind. This will of course not grant you complete access to the website. But the video conference section is fully functional.

You can also register to VidUAll in several ways. To grant as much accessibility as possible, VidUAll allows you to register using your Facebook account. It won’t stop there! Work is in progress to register with your Gmail and Twitter account.

You can register directly to VidUAll by filling in their registration form. in any case way you choose complete access will be obtainable.

Social network Integration

Once inside there is a number features obtainable for your social network by choice. At this very moment Facebook is supported And Twitter is being developed.

User involvement

VidUAll relies on their users to give them hints and tips on improving their website. Users can submit their ids for the website by clicking the contact button on the bottom of the page. Every id is welcome and will be discussed by the developers to integrate into the website.

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