Video Content Marketing: Sharing the Value of a Video

Video Content Marketing: Sharing the Value of a Video

It shouldn’t come a surprise that video content marketing has drastically increased in popularity of late. As we all know, our society in general has a remarkably short attention span. This is undoubtedly the consequence of our modern fast-speed culture produced by the internet pushed information era. The addition of video to your website or blog content can drastically enhance you relevance in both the eyes of Google and your target audience. Visitors to your blog or website are far more likely to stay longer if your written content I paired with a applicable and informative video.

Video Content Marketing: Syndicating Videos

One of the easiest video content marketing strategies is syndication. As I mentioned before, including a video in your blog posts can help immensely. Not only are viewers far more likely to stay on your page for an extended period of time, but they are also more likely to comprehend your message.

As a video content marketing strategy, you should initially post your video on a popular hosting website like YouTube. Videos posted on YouTube are ridiculously easy to embed into your blog post. In the world of internet marketing, social sharing is incredibly valuable. Generating a social buzz around some content you produced is essentially free marketing. By creating a video relative to your written content, you are far more likely to have your information shared with additional parties.

Video Content Marketing for SEO Purposes

SEO, or search engine optimization, is specific way to present your content to gain attention from popular search engines; most notably Google. As you may already know, there are both on-page and off-page SEO strategies. While the on-page course of action consists f creating content around a targeted keyword, off-page SEO is rather different.

The majority of off-page SEO consists of creating backlinks. When evaluating the relevance of your site to a search query, Google considers both the number and quality of backlinks your website has. Because of video’s increasing online importance and YouTube’s global popularity, backlinks from this social media giant are considered highly valuable. In other words, by simply pairing each of your blog posts with a video posted initially on YouTube, you can gain an additional high PR backlink for each article written.

Video Content Marketing: Additional Social Media Platforms

Video is considered to be a very sharable form of content. It is simply much easier to get someone to watch a video than read an article. Because videos have viral tenancies, establishing an online presence within various social media platforms can be incredible for video marketing. In case you do not already now, Facebook and Twitter are two of the most trafficked websites online.

After building a decent online following and joining niche-applicable groups/fan-pages, you will have an audience to proportion your videos with. All major social media platforms provide video viewers with the option to proportion the content with those in their social course of action. Because of this, video content marketing on social media websites can increase your traffic exponentially.

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