Using Waste Oil to Heat Your Facility – Beat High Fuel Costs This Wint…

Using Waste Oil to Heat Your Facility – Beat High Fuel Costs This Wint…

Waste oil heaters and waste oil boilers produce nearly “free” heat while also eliminating the burden of recycling used oil. It gets already better; some states offer tax incentives to heat your facility with waste oil heaters and boilers!

Waste oil heaters and boilers are typically fueled with used vegetable oil, recycled oil, used motor oil or used transmission fluid. Restaurants, auto repair shops, quick lubes and manufacturing facilities generate a surplus of used oil. It is difficult to dispose of used oil. You can tap into this enormous surplus by installing a waste oil heater or boiler today!

Commonly Asked Questions:

Is it really free to heat with waste oil? Only if you self-generate a sufficient supply of used oil. In reality, used oil heaters nevertheless use electricity to strength the blower fan. This cost is about 1/60th of the cost to run a comparable clean fuel oil heater. Most states have used oil suppliers if you do not generate enough on your own. Used oil prices range from $.50 to $.90 per gallon delivered. Take a look at the cost of diesel fuel oil the next time you are filling up your means. Fuel oil is estimated to cost $5.49/gallon this winter. Crunch the numbers; the payback for purchasing a used oil heater is often less than 1 year.

Where can I acquire waste oil? Used oil cannot be safely dumped into the ground, landfills or waterways. Commercial entities that generate used oil typically pay a recycler for proper disposal. You can buy used oil from recyclers or buy it directly from the source that produces it. The most shared used oil producers are restaurants, quick lubes, automotive repair shops and factories that use hydraulic equipment.

What is the BTU possible of a typical gallon of waste oil? A gallon of used oil contains 153,000 to 180,000 BTU’s per gallon. For comparison, a gallon of propane fuel will produce 92,000 BTU’s.

Are there environmental concerns when burning waste oil? Modern waste oil heaters and boilers do not produce odors or smoke. Before you buy a used heater or boiler, make sure it meets all EPA requirements.

The cons: As with any heating device, there are pros and cons. Waste oil heaters can require more frequent cleaning then a traditional clean fuel oil heater. If you follow the manufacturer’s installation and operation instructions, you shouldn’t run into problems. The money you are saving grossly outweighs the small amount of additional maintenance that may or may not be required.

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