Use the Internet to Get Your Information Product Out to the Public

Use the Internet to Get Your Information Product Out to the Public

I have found that the internet is a great way to get my products out to the public.  I get a lot of my leads by iTunes. Now, how do I know where all my leads are coming from? On my site, I have a page called Free CD. For years I’ve been giving out a free CD and I’ll ship it and pay for the shipping to anyone in the world and on this CD it’s got 61 hours of my best audio recordings. A lot of the recordings on that CD are not already on my site.

I’ll mail it and pay for the shipping to anyone in the world. But I’m trading them that valuable CD that some people want to get in the mail that I’m trading them for information. I get their first name, last name, mailing address, fax number, phone number, company name, their Web site, what business they’re in, are they an audio learner or video learner or do they like to read best. Do they own the licensing rights to any products, would they be willing to rent their customers list, are they interested in learning how to use audio to sell more of their product or service. How did they hear about me?

So I can look at all these things and I have very quality leads of people who order this CD. So I trade information for the postage and cost of mailing the CD. I look where people find out about me and see a ton of people coming from YouTube and iTunes. Now, YouTube we took about 150 videos and you can only put about a 10 minute video on YouTube and my assistant transferred them into these ABI files, these movies files that are compatible with YouTube and we made a slide show with nothing but testimonials. If you go to YouTube and search Michael Senoff you’ll see how I did this.

So I have 150 10 minute audio recordings, they all start off with, “Hi, I’m Michael Senoff…” and I get my commercial in first and then the 10 minutes of audio comes and at the end of the video presentation which is a slide show of nothing but testimonials on my site, I direct them to my site. I’m getting a lot of traffic from YouTube, in addition.

So you want to take advantage of everything out there that has to possible for people to stumble upon your information or your audio. These are just a few of the ways that are pretty inexpensive in getting the information out.

There’s one on here that I didn’t mention, voice broadcasting. It can be very popular and very powerful. That’s when if you have a list of customers, and you have their phone numbers, there are online sets that you can load those phone numbers and record a thirty second or sixty second outgoing message to those callers. It’s very inexpensive.

You can – like an email blast, you can do a phone blast to your customers’ answering machines. If someone answers the phone, you can program it to hang-up so it only leaves a message on their answering machine and it sounds very natural. They would never know that it was delivered by a computer and not you calling them personally. That you can really leverage.

Now, there’s some new laws coming into effect here. I think they may already be in effect with voice broadcasting. You have to have an opted-in customer list of phone numbers. You can’t broadcast – I think it’s illegal here now in the United States unless you opt-in very similar to email. You can’t spam.

That’s another inexpensive and effective way in generating sales and traffic.

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