Untold Dangers Of GM (Genetically alternation) Foods

Untold Dangers Of GM (Genetically alternation) Foods

In virtually all tests done on laboratory rats given GM foods, infant mortality and reproductive disorders have followed. This coincides with incidences of low birth weight, infertility, and infant mortality escalating in the United States as GM food becomes part of every American diet.

Food Is Now Registered As A Pesticide

It might surprise you to know that when insects get a mouthful of GM Bt (Bacillius thuringiensis) corn or cotton, they also get a mouthful of a built-in poison, which is truly being produced by every cell of the genetically changed plant.

Engineers have figured out a way to insert genes into the very DNA of the plant so that the plant itself becomes an insect killing pesticide. When the insect takes a bite out of the genetically changed plant, the poison splits open their stomach and kills them. The GM plants themselves are registered as pesticides by the Environmental Protection Agency.

Engineers claim that this Bt-poison is proven safe due to its extensive use among farmers for insect control. The difference is, however, that in the case of GMO’s (genetically alternation organisms) engineers insert genes from the bacteria into the very DNA of the corn or cotton so that the plants themselves become the killing machines.

Please understand that Bt-poison produced in GM plants is thousands of times more concentrated than than that which is sprayed on plants to control bug infestation and is designed to be more toxic. Also the spray can be washed off of the plant unlike the GM food which cannot be washed off since it is truly now a part of the cellular structure of the plant. But already though the genetically changed food is many times more unhealthy than the spray, please keep in mind that already the less concentrated bacterial spray has been shown to be extremely unhealthy.

GM Crops Kill Animals

Bt cotton and corn plants are responsible for the deaths of thousands of sheep, buffalo, cows, horses, and chickens. Post mortems clearly show irritation and black patches in intestines and livers of the animals that grazed on these plants.

Is it possible that humans can ingest these plants without the same health issues? Do you want to be the next guinea pig in the engineer’s experimental lab which is taking place on farm fields all over America?

If you do not desire to be an experimental rat, stand up and say NO to GMO’s on the shelves of your local grocer. If the engineers are so sure of the safety of these genetically alternation plants then let them come forward along with their families and become the test rats in their own experiments. If they prove that these killing plants are truly safe for human consumption let them reap the rewards of their engineering, but if not, let their post mortems show us all why scientists should not be genetically altering food in order to make them living insecticides, and why they should not be foisting them on society while telling us that eating these plants is truly quite safe after all.

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