Understanding the City and Guilds Electrical Courses

City and Guilds is a global skills development leader offering courses in a wide variety of subjects. With learning partners throughout the world, students are able to get City and Guild certifications, including those in the electrical industry.

There are numerous City and Guild electrical courses you can take advantage of. Most training centres will offer you a minimum of six courses to choose from, enabling you to gain an accredited certification, gain valuable insight into the industry and fast track your career moving forward.

The first course you may want to take advantage of is the PAT testing course, reference 2377-22. This course focuses on in-service inspections and testing. It is a two day course where past electrical experience is required. This course is not for beginners in the industry or someone who has no electrical experience in any way. On course completion you will complete an examination and on passing receive your accredited certificate which you can use to help you get considered for jobs and promotions in the future.

Next is the Maintenance of Electrical Equipment course, this City and Guilds electrical course reference number is 2377-32. This is a level three course which you complete in one day. It focuses on your responsibilities and safety when maintaining electricals on a daily basis. Again you will complete an exam and be awarded with a certification upon successful completion and passing.

The 17th edition course is growing in popularity. This City and Guilds electrical course reference is 2382-15 and provides working knowledge and the latest information on wiring regulations. This particular course also covers an overview on the electrical working regulations of 1989. It is a valuable course for anyone who will be working with electrical wiring and wants to ensure that they follow the right safety procedures to complete the job to the highest level of satisfaction for their client.

The initial verification, course 2394-01 is a very popular four day training course where you will learn the principles, practices and regulations regarding working with electrical installations. This course also includes three examinations, but is the perfect stepping stone if you want to continue a career in this respected profession, whether you want to work for a larger electrical company or you want to start out on your own.

Another of the City and Guild electrical courses you may want to consider at some point during your electrical career is the Inspection and Testing course, reference 2395-01. This is also a four day training course which focuses on completing, testing and following regulations when it comes to domestic electricians.

The final test to consider is the design and testing course, referred to as 2396-01. This is one of the longer City and Guild electrical courses which takes five complete days to complete. It covers the design, construction, inspection and testing of electrical wiring and installations and provides you with everything you need to know in your chosen career. Again, you will be required to complete an examination and on successful completion you will be awarded an accredited certification that you can use when applying for electrical locaiongs.

Always ensure you choose a reputable and reliable training centre that can provide you with the knowledge you deserve for the price you pay. They should conduct small training classes, so that they can focus on each individual learner. Look for a training company that has experienced instructors, with instructors that can provide you with valuable insider knowledge you can use to your advantage as you enjoy a successful career in the industry.

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