U.S. – at the minimum 1.3 Million situations Reported In A Day

U.S. – at the minimum 1.3 million situations reported in a day

The United States shattered the global record of daily Covid19 situations with at the minimum 1.3 million infections reported on Monday, according to a Reuters report, amid the spread of the highly contagious Omicron variant. The past record was 1.03 million daily new infections on January 3.

While the Omicron variant is potentially less harsh, health officials have warned that the sheer number of infections could strain hospital systems, some of which have already suspended elective procedures as they struggle to manager the increase in patients and staff shortages.

More than 100 other hospitals said they are anticipating shortages within the next week. The surge in situations has also disrupted schools, which are struggling with absences of staff, teachers and bus drivers.

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