Try Hemp Oil In Your Hair! — Could CBD Give Your Hair Health A raise? 

Try Hemp Oil In Your Hair! — Could CBD Give Your Hair Health A raise? 

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Haircare isn’t the number one reason people get into CBD oil, but many customers suggest this cannabinoid adds an additional “glow” to their hair. As this hemp hair-say has spread throughout social media, we’ve received a lot of questions on whether CBD is a good option for hair growth.

Unfortunately, as we age, hair loss becomes a reality for most of us. Since Blue Ribbon Hemp makes senior-friendly CBD oils, it’s only natural our customers would be interested in CBD’s effects on hair health and turn up.

Today, we can’t say if CBD is a revolutionary supplement for hair growth. However, some evidence indicates a daily measure of CBD oil couldn’t hurt.

What Does Science Say About CBD For Hair Growth?

There’s not a ton of scientific research examining CBD oil’s effectiveness on hair-related conditions. In fact, only one small study out of Florida’s Medical Life Care Planners examined CBD’s effects on hair loss. In this trial, 35 adults with meaningful hair loss washed their hair with a CBD shampoo every day.

Interestingly, researchers noted most study participants had statistically meaningful hair growth after six months. The average rate of hair increase for each person was over 93 percent. However, scientists noted that men responded better to this treatment than women.

While these findings are encouraging, they have however to be duplicated in more large-extent, placebo-controlled studies. There’s also little data explaining how CBD stimulates hair growth.

Most dermatologists agree our skin has cannabinoid receptor sites, so CBD may cause anti-inflammatory or antioxidant effects when applied to the scalp. There’s also some evidence that indicates CBD could increase advantageous oil secretion, which may enhance hair health and turn up.

While all of these theories make sense, there’s a long way to go before we know the truth. At this point, it’s a good idea to be cautiously optimistic about CBD’s effect on hair loss.

Will CBD Keep My Hair From Turning Gray?

Again, we don’t have much data on CBD’s effect on hair health. So, at this point, we can’t say if CBD helps with reducing gray streaks.

However, a fair amount of data indicates CBD oil can help reduce stress levels. Most hair experts also claim excessive anxiety can cause premature hair loss or discoloration. consequently, CBD’s anti-stress similarities may indirectly influence your chances of developing gray hair.

Should You Put CBD Oil In Your Shampoo? It’s Up To You! 

There’s nevertheless a lot of uncertainty surrounding CBD’s effect on hair care, but most researchers are optimistic about its possible. It also appears safe to add a little of Blue Ribbon Hemp’s general-spectrum CBD oil to your favorite shampoo.

Just remember that most of the “claims” made about CBD for hair loss are purely speculation. If you have serious questions about your hair health, it’s best to speak with a medical doctor to determine your best treatment options.


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