Travel To Singapore – The Strict Entry Requirements To The Casinos

With the set afloat of the two integrated resorts in Singapore, this has opened up a flood gate of tourists visiting this wonderful city-state. In Singapore context, what is known as the integrated resorts is another meaning for a resort and casino complicate.

The two resorts that have successfully obtained the licenses required to run a casino in Singapore are the Marina Bay Sands Resorts and Casino, run by the Sands Company which is headquartered in the United States, and Resorts World, run by Genting Group which is headquartered in Malaysia. in spite of of which integrated resort you visit, if you intend to visit the casino, you must abide to the strict rules in place. Here is a quick guide to the entry requirements to the casinos in Singapore.

Age Requirement

The minimum age requirement to go into the casino is 21 years of age. Anyone below that age is not allowed to go into.

Documents Requirement

For all visitors who are neither Singapore citizens nor holding any long-lasting residence position in Singapore, the only requirement is to bring their passports as a form of identification to prove that they are purely tourists from overseas and that they meet the minimum age requirements to go into the gambling areas. There is no levy fee for these types of visitors. If you qualify as this kind of visitor, then you can simply line up in the foreign visitor’s lane while entering the gaming areas.

For visitors who are Singapore citizens or holding long-lasting residence position, they must present either their passports or national identification card, and also pay the mandatory 100S$ (Singapore dollar) levy fee. Please observe that the levy fee only allows you to go into the casino for 24 hours from the time and date you paid the fee. After the 24 hours is up, then your current levy will expire and should you wish to stay longer, then you will need to pay the levy fee a second time in order to go into the casino for another 24 hours. To go into the gambling center as a Singaporean or long-lasting resident, you will need to line up in the lanes designated as “Singaporean citizen/ PR holder” to go into the gaming area.

Dress Code

For both integrated resorts at Marina Bay Sands and Resorts World, the dress code to go into the gaming areas is smart casual. Shorts, singlets, and “flip flop” slippers are not permitted. The security guard will check to ensure you meet the dress code before allowing you to go into.

By taking observe of these entry requirements to the casinos of both integrated resorts in Singapore, it will help to ensure that you can go into the casinos as smoothly as possible.

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