transform Your Kirby Sentria Into a Portable Cleaner

transform Your Kirby Sentria Into a Portable Cleaner

Besides being an amazing upright vacuum cleaner you can also use your Kirby Sentria as a portable cleaner for mattresses and carpeted stairs. Regularly cleaning your mattress is a great way to get rid of dust mites and keep your family healthy. Using the portable cleaner on stairs makes a quick job out of a usually monotonous task.

To transform your Kirby Sentria vacuum cleaner into a portable cleaner you first need to make sure the unit is turned off, unplugged and the tech excursion pedal is in neutral. Then release the outer long-lasting bag top form the bag sustain by pressing the bag release button and sliding the bag off. Next you need to remove the cord from the manager. You can do this with the upright manager in the vertical position. Push the manager release button located at the base of the manager, and pull the manager straight up and out of the slot. Now you can insert the portable manager into the slot where the upright manager was connected. Push the Portable manager into the slot until in clicks into place. Bend the filtration bag assembly in half and unseat the bag latch tab into the slot on the portable manager until it clicks into place.

You can now easily clean carpeted stairs by placing your Kirby Sentria vacuum on one of the carpeted steps while supporting the rear. Turn the Kirby Sentria on and make sure the tech excursion pedal is in the neutral position. Roll the cleaner back and forth so that the brush roller loosens the dirt.

To clean mattresses you need to disengage the brush roller. For straight suction cleaning, raise the headlight hood and flip out the manager on the belt lifter. Turn the belt lifter all the way to the left until the red arrows line up. Return the manager on the belt lifter to its CLOSED position and lower the headlight hood. Use the toe-touch control to adjust the strength nozzle to its lowest setting and your ready to roll.

The best way to continue your Kirby Sentria is by only using Genuine Kirby substitute parts and bags. Generic products can cause damage to the Kirby Sentria vacuum cleaner.

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