Toxins – What Are They?

Toxins – What Are They?

Toxins are natural poisons. These poisons are sometimes called ‘chemical warfare agents’ or ‘biological agents’ in the context of laboratory toxins. Sarin is among the most toxic of all these agents of toxicity-toxins also occur in food and naturally in our environments-but we’ll cover that in a bit.

When we think of toxins, we often think of poison and negative attributes, but not all toxins are bad. Many are used to develop drugs like physostigmine and digitalis.

Then on the other side of the coin, they have been used as a warfare agent, additional to bullets and used as weapons of war. Some toxins are very stable, making them a good weapons grade, being highly potent, and able to store for long periods of time.

Many toxins are used in things like liquids, powders, and aerosols. They go into the body by breathing, drinking, and eating. already the eyes can absorb toxins. These attacks are unseen by the naked eye, and they build up in our bodies until we have toxic responses.

Many toxins are odorless, and have a different range of potency. Our bodies only have a limited number of ways to respond to toxins. When the amount of toxic intake is larger than our body’s ability to rid itself of toxins, then complications set in.

When learning about toxins, it’s important to realize that the information ‘toxins’ refers to natural poisons, and when man-made products produce them, they are called ‘toxicants’. They range in their potency and destructive abilities from minor to acute.

Another form of toxins is biotoxins. These poisons are utilized by animals as attack mechanisms, as in the case of snakes, spiders, scorpions, jellyfish, and the shared wasp. On the other side of that, animals like bees, termites, ants, and some frogs, use them as defense mechanisms.

Stay away from bright colored foods, or foods with strong flavors or odors. A poison known as ‘coal tar’, which is used as a food dye, is where the bright colors come from. Coal tar has been stated to cause cancer by the American Cancer Society.

Sodium nitrate is a dangerous poison found in hot dogs, bologna, and other deli meats in order to prolong its shelf life.

Avoid toxins by staying away from any foods that are processed. The closer a food is to its natural state; the better it is for your body, and the more nutrition you can acquire from it.

It’s best to use products like ‘Stevia’ in the place of regular granulated sugar, and pure, natural, unprocessed honey works great in addition.

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