Top 30 Fun Sight information Games and Activities

Learning sight words is an important part of learning to read.

Sight words are service words. They are not meant to be sounded out. Learning these words helps the reader to continue reading fluency without getting caught up on meaning.

I like the Dolch Sight information List, but there are many other lists obtainable. I like to pop them onto cards about 12cm x 6cm.

Use these cards to have some fun with 30 FUN SIGHT information GAMES AND ACTIVITIES

1. Play Battleships with sight words on a grid with a partner or

as a class.

2. Play coin toss – words on floor – children take turns to

toss a coin onto a information and say that information.

3. Have a box of small blank mini cards or paper you can

buy great sized post it notes these days (approx

10cm x 2 cm) on hand at all times so that children can

write down words from information walls, charts etc and then

take the card back to their writing. It is also handy to

write words on when doing writing conferences.

4. Play who am I? for example, I am yellow, I have 5 letters, and I

end in ___.

5. Make a letter twister chart with chalk on a concrete

floor, children place their feet and hands on the letters

to spell words.

6. Around the World Sight Words – flash a information – first player

to say information out of that pair moves on to the next person

to make a pair and another information is flashed, etc, etc.

7. Play Hangman using the information card words.

8. How quickly can you find a certain sight information in individual

reading books during small group reading.

9. Play dominoes using same end letter/ beginning letter.

10. course of action letters within words using white board marker on

laminated sight words cards.

11. Play Chinese Whispers – say a information – pass it around.

12. course of action smaller words within words using white board

marker on laminated information cards.

13. Children go outside and practice writing their words with

chalk on the concrete.

14. Practice handwriting by tracing over words using

white board marker on laminated sight information cards.

15. Place sight information cards in alphabetical order.

16. Flashlight words turn off lights flash a torch on

words on characterize for look and say.

17. Children make their own information wall/dictionary using

photocopied small sight words and scrapbooks labeled with a

letter of the alphabet on each page… can be additional to

throughout the year.

18. Play tic tac toe, here I go, where I stop I do not know

children say the information that you stop on.

19. Cloze – children find the missing information

within a sentence.

20. Play musical words – children pass words around in a

course of action until music stops – that child says the information – can

be played with 1 or more words.

21. Go on a information walk / excursion – find words around the ecosystem –

signs etc.

22. Make words using play dough.

23. Make words using string gluing.

24. Make words using letter tiles –scrabble pieces.

25. Make words using stencils.

26. Make words using alphabet stamps.

27. Make words using magnetic letters.

28. Play stepping stones – place words on the floor and

children walk over them saying the information as they go to get

to the other side of the stream.

29. Beat the clock – how many times can a information be written

in 1 minute etc.

30. Children write their words in list form and then write

over the words 2 or more times using different colors

to create rainbow words.

There are so many way you can make teaching and learning sight words fun – I am sure you can think of more in addition.

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