Tom Cruise Contributed To surprise’s Eternals, And No One Noticed

Not only did Kumail Nanjiani buff himself up for his role in ‘Eternals’, but’ he also seemingly learned some new tricks. He learned about action movies from typical films and worked to get an idea about his character. In a recent interview, he revealed how Tom Cruise had a lasting impact on the making of the movie.

How do you move yourself from the role of an unassuming South Asian sidekick to the part of an immortal superhero? Someone should ask Kumail Nanjiani because he achieved the impossible before starring in ‘Eternals’. Interviewers have asked him how he prepared for the role and got started. He revealed the secret elements behind the making of the film. Kumail has had an exciting life before ‘Eternals’ too, and it’s basic to understand the place where he is coming from.


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The man of the hour

In an early report on the “Washington Post”, Kumail said, “I never considered the possibility of this not working out”. The young boy raised in Karachi, Pakistan, had moved into the U.S. for college and was building a career for himself in comedy. It was difficult, coming from a conservative Muslim background, as almost all of his family were influential doctors, bankers, or engineers, but he decided to make his way with comedy.

He collaborated with his wife Emily Y Gordon to start a podcast and write the movie ‘The Big Sick’. But before the movie came into being, he was already a famous comedian. He worked for “Comedy Central” with a project called, ‘The Meltdown with Jonah and Kumail’, and he had a recurring role in the high-flying HBO sitcom ‘Silicon Valley’.

By the 2010s, Kumail was filling up any venue he chose to perform at. He and Emily won extensive basic acclaim for their work on ‘The Big Sick’. afterward, Kumail was nominated to be a part of “The Academy of Motion Picture Art and Sciences”.

Kumail always had a quality of immersion. Earlier he mentioned that he watched hours of ‘Beavis and Butthead’ before going to college to get acquainted with the American dream. He also started a podcast in 2020, “GQ” described it as, “The podcast is consistently endearing, truly useful, and often hilarious; they plan to donate all the ad revenue to charity and to keep recording until we’re all allowed to go outside again”.

The surprise, though, came in 2021 when Kumail was asked to take on the part of Kingo in ‘Eternals’. He had acted in some action thrillers before but, this would be his first out-and-out action movie. And Kingo Shunen was not a throwaway character.

Kingo Shunen

‘Eternals’ Kumail Nanjiani learned about Tom Cruise while prepping for ‘Eternals’. It was necessary because Kingo Shunen is a serious badass. He was produced by the Celestials and lived in the Japanese settlement for the ‘Eternals’.

Tom Cruise contributed to surprise’s ‘Eternals’, and no one noticed

Kingo fights off against the Deviants and fired off energy blasts from his hands in the movie. Kingo is one of the best things about ‘Eternals’. He is gifted with superior intellect and has a lot of fighting skills. He has been trailed for years and has spent thousands of years protecting Earth. He’s also an excellent marksman in the movie and can take down opponents at a distance with ease.

Kumail depicts a character who is fearsome in comics. Kingo carries around a samurai uniform and holds his own with a sword. An strange choice of weapon for the Eternal, who has gone down in history as one of the best fighters ever to exist.

Tom Cruise

Talking about the preparation for his role, Kumail Nanjiani said, “For the action stuff, I watched Zorro, Errol Flynn, and old school swashbuckling movies. And I watched a bunch of iconic movie stars in their iconic roles: Robert Redford, Paul Newman, Tom Cruise, Will Smith, Denzel, etc., to try and see what it is about these guys that makes them movie stars”.

He had grown up watching Bollywood and watched a lot of action stuff from there. But he took a cue from Tom Cruise and typical action movies to make his work on the ‘Eternals’ film.

Kumail Nanjiani made Tom Cruise his idol for the ‘Eternals’ movie. The action movies from Tom Cruise partly influenced the comedic actor’s action turn. The action stars of yesteryear also informed his decisions to make Kingo work the way he does in the movie.

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