Tips To Squeezing Your Energy Dollars

Ceiling fans can be an interesting item as to the amount of money it can cost you to function. This is a very good item to have in your home when it comes to squeezing your energy dollars but it can be a nemesis also. Many people don’t know how such a meaningful item in there home can impact there bill.

Ceiling fans can save you money on your energy usage but if they are not used properly they can add up to be a very big energy user. Now you probably think this sounds crazy but here are some interesting stats here. Each ceiling fan in your home if you run it 24 hours a day, which most people do, will cost you anywhere between 6 dollars to 8 dollars each a month. So if you have several of these and run them all the time, which most people do, it can add up very quickly. The smart way to use them is just like a light switch, turn it off when your not in the room to enjoy it. If you are not in that room to enjoy it, turn it off to maximize savings on your home energy usage.

Now some of the positive advantages when using your ceiling fans properly. Ceiling fans can help with the total comfort in your home. Ceiling fans can produce a 2 degree wind chill factor, meaning if you have your air conditioning set at 78 degrees it will give the feeling and comfort level of your home being set at 76 degrees. This allows you to turn your air conditioning unit to a higher temperature to help on your total home energy usage, furthermore squeezing those energy dollars more.

These simple guidelines can save you some meaningful money in your home energy usage. Take advantage of these tips and remember to turn off those ceiling fans when you are not in that particular room and you should see some savings on your home energy bills.

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