This is an American means!

This is an American means!

Dodge introduces for the year 2009 all the models of Challenger SRT8 and RT. The three variant have in shared its modern muscular and American design of two doors and capacity for 5 passengers.

But now only we will refer to the RT that offers the strength of the SRT8 with the one that also shares a very similar design. This variant one of the Challenger possesses a combination of modern style with the engineering and the technology that characterizes to the American mark.

In the interior the details of the console and the form trapezoidal of the board of the door are inspired in the original one Dodge Challenger. Along with the improvements of space offers greater comfort and functionality and more place for the legs keeping in mind that is a coupé.

The new conception of the RT counts on the new generation of the motor one V8 of 5,7 liters next to a broadcast of five automatic velocities that distributes 370 horses of force (276 kW).

This driving force, that was brought up to date to acquire a reckoned of 5% of improvement in the economy of fuel in addition as an increase of 30 horses, permits to go from 0 to 60 miles or 100 kilometers per hour in less than six seconds.

It equips some rims of aluminum of 18 inches, double escape and is offered like option a box of changes of six manual velocities.

It counts on more than 25 safety mechanisms included airbags, electronic program of stability and antilock brakes, among others. Besides it contains the method Brake Assist that assures a maximum efficacy of braking during the stops, control of pressure of the tires and the system Traction Control that reduces the accelerator and applies the selective braking to optimize the traction during the speeding up.

Dodge Challenger RT 2009. The consequence: a means of an audacious design and an aggressive position that combines efficiency and greater strength.

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