Things Not to Do With a Tent

Things Not to Do With a Tent

While most tents are as dependable as the family dog there a few surprising tips we have come across over the years to keep you out of the doghouse. Some of these tips may be obvious while others debatable. At a minimum they should get you think a little more critically about the things you do with your tent.

1. No Fires in the Tent – This should fall under the obvious category as most tents are made from flammable material, but for in any case reason this is one of those items that people seem to need reminded of. It could be because people are used to seeing movies with Native Americans in the tepee and the large smokestacks coming from the top. They may notice that their tent also has a hole in the top and think that it is to let the smoke out also. The hole is really there to keep out moisture. Without the hole the tent would start to feel like the Amazon Rain Forest. Tent manufacturers provide what is called a tent fly to cover the hole and keep out any rain.

2. Don’t eat in the Tent – It may be tempting to sneak some Doritos in the tent, but it is probably not a good idea. Small bugs may find your crumbs and soon bring friends along to partake in the feast. In fact, it’s typically good to keep the food away from the sleeping area all together to avoid any unpleasant encounters with larger animals in addition.

3. firmly Pack Away A Damp Tent – If you are in a rush it is very easy to roll up a damp tent and stick it in the garage until next season. When you bring the tent home it is always a good idea to let it air out. This prevents any mildew from forming on the tent. Some campers also suggest not leaving the tent packed in the travel sack, but to rather let it keep a little loose in case there are some remaining damp spots.

4. Forget to Brush It Down – All kinds of bugs live outside. If possible it is a good idea to brush down your tent to keep any of character’s neighbors where they belong. There is nothing worse than bringing home a family of ants or termites to your home.

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