The strength of Angels — An Interview With Rose Ann Schwab, Part Two

The strength of Angels — An Interview With Rose Ann Schwab, Part Two

Rose Ann Schwab is an internationally and world renowned specialized clairvoyant psychic medium. Her gifts are finely tuned and have high credibility with 95% accuracy.

With Rose’s rare gifts, abilities, and skill, she is unparalleled by any other psychic or consultant. She lectures, uses her skill in workshops, and has done private consultations to assist millions of people. She is a licensed, registered and certified specialized consultant among many other areas of skill.

You can learn more about Rose Ann Schwab and her rare abilities at her website:

ANGELS FIRST STOP: Can those of us less attuned to the angels around us nevertheless learn to communicate with them? If so, what we can do to encourage this communication?

ROSE ANN SCHWAB: Many people do not realize that by contact with the Angels, the Father, All That Is, and the Universal Consciousness that spiritual, physical and emotional help can be given. When this force is combined with the elements of the universe, greater assistance is given. This assistance is in the form of the light strength from our Creator, All That Is and the Universe.

How does this help us and how can we use it?

To Increase Spiritual Growth & possible

To Increase Personal strength

Gathering Energy & lauching

Release of Fear

To Clear Your Path

To Attract Those Who Can Help

Opening Creative Processes


Sending Influencing Energy To The Future

Gathering strength

Attracting wealth

Starting A New Project Or Job

Releasing the Past

Selling and Releasing A Business

Replenish strength and Self Identity

Surrendering To What Was and What Is To Come




Cleansing Emotions



1. Prayer/Meditation – ask to clear all blockages and channels to open you up to the gift of spiritual hearing. In praying/meditating you are putting yourself in the white light of divine love. It doesn’t matter what you pray or how long the prayer is. Prayers and meditations open the doors of your heart.

2. Breath Deeply – Become open. Let your mind and heart be open to receive. nevertheless your mind and feel the positive energy force. Strive for a state of relaxed attention like you would use in driving a car. The angels are light beings, who when they go into your body fill it with positive energy force. Concentrate on complete-relaxed breaths with your eyes open and thorough breath from within. As you breathe and fill your body with fresh air, visualize that you are bringing in the positive energy force and expelling all air that is stale and complete of negativity. When you are breathing correctly you will feel peaceful, calm and complete of love.

3. Listen – The angels are communicating with you one way or another. They use their messages in dreams, in sudden knowing or knowledge. Listening, is also being open. Relax into the situation.

4. Write – Writing is what the angels call automatic dictation. This is simply recording the information given to you. As you write the angels write by you using the words you know and understand. You are fully conscious, aware of what is being given to you and in control of yourself as you write.

5. Accept – Accept that you are being given these messages and you are not making it up. The angles use your life experiences, your brain, personality, vocabulary and memories. Only a divine being can communicate in this manner. Angels remember situations and stories you knew long ago and forgot. They know your pains, your pains, your strengths and your inner truth. They feel your essence as much as their own. Angels are your most loyal friends and supporters.

6. Inner Knowledge – As you write your messages from the Angels you will find you won’t remember what you wrote after you wrote it. The words just come. You don’t plan them, or think about them, it just comes. Your logical mind will insist it is you, but your inner being will know it is not.

Angels are truthful, honest, sometimes silly, already bad spellers.

Keep all your angel messages in a journal and proportion them with others. You may have been receiving angel messages and not been aware of it. Angels will communicate with you again and again if you desire it.

Inner knowing is a combination of inner peace, about the truth of information given in the message you receive and the realization that the angels are communicating with you.

7.Trust – Angels communicate with you as guidance and to teach you skills you will need in your life’s work. Angels are asking for your trust in the development of these gifts as time allows. Angels do not experience life, death or times as we do. Angels work in synchronicity, not in theme frames. Their existence is thoroughly to sustain, guide, love and protect you. The more you listen to them, the more helpful their guidance will become in addition as access to them. They are different from out minds in that they are more focused and intent in their purpose. Trust that what you hear is from them.

ANGELS FIRST STOP: What one thing have the angels taught you that most surprised you?

ROSE ANN SCHWAB: Response: by all the books, and ancient knowledge, beliefs, religions or other gifted individuals it has always been handed down from generation to generation that what we did in our past lives has been brought forth into this life time to work by it, or is the cause of all our problems today. This is misinformation and uncompletely truth. We are responsible for our actions in past lives, but what if your life was a good one, and suddenly this life you also have been good, but bad things are happening to you. by the channeling of the angels I have found information that has never been revealed or allowed to be revealed which is in itself a shame because it leads good people to feel helpless or go bad simply because they have not been informed.

The angels proportion this information with me.

In a past life we are responsible for some of the things we do, especially if it harms others or is bad, but when we are truly living and being good, walking the walk, talking the talk and living the life or path that Jesus walked, that we are sometimes brought in, in what they call “Forced Healings” unwillingly because of our goodness to help unstuck individuals who having problems in their life and are not learning from them or moving on.

I use this example that I made up after obtaining this knowledge from the angels. You are riding as a passenger in a means that someone else is driving, they have the control and you are helpless to change the situation. In this situation you tell them not to take a certain road to the left, because it is a bad road, and goes to an area that is not travelable by a car that could cause problems, that they should take the road to the right because it is in good condition and they will get where they are going.

They choose with their own free will not to listen, but force you to go along with the road they decide to take to the left. In turn the road is in bad shape and they end up in an area where there is sand. They excursion on to the sand, and can’t go any further to get to the other side where the road is nevertheless bad but is out of the sand. They keep trying to go forward, but can’t so they make you get out and push.

Not happy about it you get out and try to push the car forward, but you see it won’t go. It is rocking but the wheels are just spinning and spinning going deeper and deeper. This individual has in fact dug themselves into a deeper hole. All your pushing and helping or already anger in trying to force them to go forward will not help. In this case it may take several people or already a big huge toll truck to force them out of the big hole they have dug themselves into.

This method they have gone by learning lessons, drawing us into their learning lesson unwillingly because they did not learn from it, did not accept it, and did not move forward. We were brought in like an obstacle of force to help push them forward, but sometimes they have dug themselves so far in that they have just tunnel vision. Others are brought in, to cause a force to move them forward.

Each experience that individual is given is harder and harder with bigger and bigger consequences for our actions in addition as not learning from them. This is why bad things happen to good people, it is not something from your past or past lives, but sometimes we are used unwillingly by circumstances to push and move others forward. It gives us an experience and adds to our goodness in the sight of God with the help of the angels, but it can be so exhausting and energy depleting when another individual is stuck and won’t move forward. It in fact is circumstances we are brought unwillingly into that they refuse to deal with, that causes a big rift in the universal consciousness.

It is important to remember we are not being punished for something we did while being good and walking the walk, but because others need a much stronger force to push them out of that rut and big hole they dug themselves into. Many times they are in total darkness with tunnel vision and need individuals of the light to move them forward and sometimes it will take many people, with much harder experiences and outcomes. Always ask for the higher supplies and angels help in all situations. They can not help if you do not ask, because of your free will in addition.

ANGELS FIRST STOP: Are there any other insights you’d like to proportion with readers?

ROSE ANN SCHWAB: Everyone is gifted, it is if we choose to use our gifts or not. If you use them develop and use them with responsibility, understanding and wisdom. Use your abilities to make a difference, keep your reputation high.

If you want to be taken seriously you must establish high integrity, credibility, ethics, accuracy, and honesty in life whether it is personal or specialized. Believing, trusting and accepting what you are given is the meaningful to complete development and assistance by the Angels, or other light beings and the higher supplies. I feel strongly I would not be where I am and in helping others if it were not for the assistance and direction I have been given from God and by his messengers the Angels. I have been truly blessed and thank His Angels every day of my life for being a part of it and in helping me guide and direct others.

Learn more about Rose Ann Schwab and her rare abilities at her website:

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