The Pain-Body – Dissolving a Psychic Parasite

Every thought you have is a simple form of energy. When negative thoughts are allowed to build up, they fester, strengthen and become emotional in character. If ignored or denied over time, these dark emotions tend to cling to our psyche, becoming tar-like and parasitical. Negative thoughts and emotions that arise now and then are shamed by the ego and consequently denied or repressed altogether. The more you repress this negative self, the darker and denser it becomes. Left unresolved, these darker shadow emotions inevitably manifest themselves – beyond our control – as addiction, abuse, obsession, hatred, rage, and violence. These darker aspects of the shadow become both masochistic and sadistic at the same time.

current author and spiritual teacher, Eckhart Tolle, believes in a psychic parasite that he calls the “pain-body.” In his book, “The strength of Now,” he describes this pain-body as an accumulation of past pain stemming into early childhood “caused by the unconsciousness of the world into which you were born.” Eckhart Tolle says that some pain-bodies become physically violent, but most are emotionally violent, and that it is an attack on the physical body – so much so – that some pain-bodies can excursion their hosts to suicide.

The pain-body feeds on the pain reaction that it receives in return as an effect of its own violence toward others. Bullies and others who thrive on hurting people both emotionally and physically are unconscious carriers of this psychic parasite. It is also expressed whenever we observe people regularly initiating emotionally violent arguments in addition as people who are incessantly attracted to violence in TV shows, video games, or movies. The violence is what the pain-body feeds on.

I’m very familiar with the pain-body as I carried a very heavy one for over twenty years. The physical abuse that I endured from my stepfather between the ages of six and ten, contributed to its development. The more pain you have to persevere as a child, the heavier your pain-body becomes. To better understand the pain-body, visualize yourself in a dentist’s chair with the dentist probing around in your mouth. already though he may not be poking you, your body will nevertheless be in a state of high anxiety, anticipating the pain that may or may not be coming. This is how I lived my life everyday for years on end. And this is what its like to be hosting a heavy pain-body. Needless to say, it doesn’t take much to set you off when you’re living in a continued state of anxiety.

The primal wound that I endured when I was a child recreated itself over and over by friendships and relationships throughout my life until I finally became conscious of it, and consequently was able to heal it.

For the first five years or so that I carried this pain, I was truly unaware that I was experiencing at all. I simply denied it and ignored it in my body, until it finally reached a point where I became so debilitated with fatigue that it simply couldn’t be ignored any longer. Then I had my first panic attack and my anxiety increased dramatically. After that, depression set in. This cycle repeated itself over and over for over a decade until I finally became conscious of it. Creating a space in between you and the pain-body is the first step toward dissolving the keep up that it has on your mind and body.

Psychologists who have researched the human body during its sleep patterns have determined that the dreaming mind manifests a virtually identical effect on the nervous system as the awakened mind. If the dreamer is having a particularly active dream, the body reacts to it with perspiration, increased heart-rate, and REM or “rapid-eye movement” which also includes slight muscle movement and increased neuron activity in the brain. This is because the body cannot differentiate between insignificant thought and real-life situations. The purpose of the pain-body is to awaken the unconscious Self. It does this more effectively via experiencing in the same way that you’re more likely to wake up from a nightmare than you are from a pleasant dream. This is because the pain-body forces you inward so that you can experience conscious experiencing, and ultimately dissolve the psychic parasite for good.

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