The Mystery of the Number 23

The Mystery of the Number 23

The 23 effect is a matter of strange circumstances. It has been dubbed an anomaly by those familiar with its usual effect. Some people call it conspiracy. This chief number appears in the most uncommon places. We see 23 encased in the fabric of world history. Some of the pivotal events of our past have traces of the number 23. The number 23 is not restricted to historical events, however. It can also be found in most ordinary situations. It has no preference for the shared or spectacular. Here, are few places 23 have chosen to show itself:

– The recent book 23 minutes in hell

– The 23rd Psalm

– 23 chromosomes

– Julius Caesar was stabbed 23 times.

– There are 2,300 stones comprising the Great Pyramid.

– It takes 23 seconds for blood to circulate by the human body.

– The biorhythmic cycle of a human being is said to be 23 days.

– There are 23 vertebrae in the human body.

– The Ancient Egyptians famous the New Year on July 23.

Thousands of people have found themselves stalked by this number. Many people get spooked and paranoid at seeing this number turn up repeatedly throughout their day or week. It can be unsettling to have anything following you, especially when you have no idea why. The number 23 has almost become a case of mass hysteria. Evidence of its keep up on us came in 2007 when the big screen movie The Number 23 starring Jim Carrey was released. The story line follows the journey of a man pushed mad by the number 23. What could be the meaning of the 23 effect?

Twenty-three is the number of synchronicity. Google defines synchronicity as the at the same time occurrence of events that appear considerably related but have no discernible causal connection. The number 23 has an uncanny way of appearing at times when we least expect it. There seems to be no obvious relationship between this number and the corresponding event. The similarities of the number 23 are mysterious. It possesses an elusive character. It’s difficult to isolate exactly why 23 appears at the exact moment a meaningful event occurs. already mathematicians are unable to explain the mechanics behind this course of action. I’m sure it’s a science we have however to understand.

During an intuitive moment, I came upon a theory which might explain the 23 effect. The physical and nonphysical universes are two sides of what mystics call the multiverse. Within the infinite multiverse, are spheres, dimensions, or domains, which contain worlds such as our own. These spheres are not free-floating bubbles in a void. They have invisible walls separating them. I like to use the analogy of guestrooms within a large hotel. The walls themselves are truly nonexistent, just like the one that seems to separate us from our loved ones who have gone by the change. These spheres move back and forth. When there is a conjunction of two domains at a specific point in the time space continuum, a chain of events is set off resulting in the 23 effect. This is called an “angling edge.” The architecture of the universe is fantastic and cannot be fully conceived by the human mind. This is my humble theory of the 23 effect. Perhaps it will clear up a rather long and weary mystery.

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