The Light Switch occurrence

I was sitting in a local Starbucks while waiting for someone, when I happened to see one of the crew members switching one of the 10 light switches that are lined up all together in a panel. I noticed that it turned at the minimum 3 of the lights on in front of their store. Of course I am not surprised to see that it can do that, but it got me wondering how bright it would be to apply that to time management and productivity.

If you will remember a while back when I wrote something about the Pareto rule, I mentioned that 1+3 may not always be equal to 4. If time is used wisely, 1+3 may be equals to 4,000 depending on how well you manage your time.

The Light Switch occurrence is a lot similar to Pareto rule. Imagine switching one control on and it would produce multiple effects either to your productivity or your income.

Let us take for example the email strategy that I proportion on my webinars. By spending an hour solely for sorting them all out in categories, it doesn’t matter if that’s 10 unread emails or already if it’s close to a thousand, they will all be taken care of! If you think about it, sorting them out is lining all switches in a panel board and once they are sorted out, you can start responding to them or handling them in batches like switching 10 lights at a time; which is so much better than reading them all one by one and replying to each of them.

Another scenario you might want to consider is when you are communicating the message you want to send across. Instead of spending countless hours talking to your prospects and convincing them to sign up, you can grab an opportunity to speak on corporate meetings or network gatherings and pitch your ideas, sets and products there. Or better however, set up a free webinar or a conference call, where people can listen to your message at the comforts of their own houses.

This way when you have 3 or 4 people who are convinced with what you have to offer this will create so much interest like a virus rapidly spreading all throughout the meeting room or auditorium. That’s an hour of a well planned speech measuring up to to an hour trying to convince just one person.

There are various ways on how the Light Switch occurrence can help you save so much time by turning one switch on but revealing so many effects that can assistance your business. You just have to think out of the box and strategically design your marketing course of action.

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