The Concept of Doppelganger in Traditional Metaphysical Thought

The Concept of Doppelganger in Traditional Metaphysical Thought

The world of the traditional mind is a world infested with free living atmospheric spirits seeking bodies to possess, and of bodies seeking animating spirits to be possessed of. The noise of the traditional mind’s world is the marketplace haggling of spirits and bodies for “heterosexual” relationship contracts.

The “bodies” whose maiden beauty charm the most blue-blooded bachelor spirits acquire the greatest degree of genetic-blood affinity to the gods, while, in turn, the most eligible bachelor spirits attract the most beautiful spinster “bodies.” The assortment of bodies and spirits is not random.

“Let us fact man according the pattern of our morphological (“image”) and dynamic-functional (“likeness”) traits,” the Hebrew deity says in the Genesis creation story. But to the traditional mind, the morphological and dynamic functional similarities of the ideal conceptions of mind we call the gods are not limited to a select few in creation. The attributes of divinity are manifest in all things: the difference being only of degrees.

Man’s anthropocentrism convinces him that he reflects the “image” and “likeness” of the gods above all things in character. The ethnocentrism of the ancient southern Egyptian convinced him that he was the reflection of the attributes of divinity above all other races. He styled himself decay-na-rome: man-par-excellence. In his mural art, he presented the hierarchy of races with himself (man-par-excellence), standing next to the ancestral deity Horus in an erect self-consciously dignified present much like the god’s. The other races, “Namu,” “Tamhu” and “Nehesi” come behind in various degrees of comportment in the likeness of beasts. When the Ancient Egyptian priest went into the presence of the gods, in the temple, he rubbed his earthy reddish brown skin in red ocher to further enhance his genetic-blood affinity with the ancestral deity who, according to the Hebrew scriptures, was fashioned from the hematite-tinged top soil of the Great Earth Mother; for the tawny reddish-brown color was the color of bodies infused with divine essence as represent in the Afro-Asiatic root ‘-d-m.

To the ancient Afro-Asiatic mystical thinker, it wouldn’t seem a coincidence that the vitalizing-virilizing rule (the haem group) which, in combination with the “breath of life” (ne-sama-ah chayy-iym), imparts red color to blood (Hebrew; dam), is related to the component in hematite which imparts a reddish tinge to the topsoil. Hemoglobin (blood), Hematite (soil), Ham (Noah’s son), (k)ham (the name by which the ancient Egyptians referred themselves) appear to be cognate terms.

In Hebrew thought your “angel” or “doppelganger” is your double in a world of a grosser kind less your complete spiritual attributes. consequently, human beings are the “angels” of the ancestral god Adam. According to the holy grails of Nazism the “untermenschen” are the “angels” of the Aryan “herrenmenschen.”

We may ingemination the incident in the the Book of Acts, when Peter returned to his Christian fellows in the house of Mary mother of Mark after escaping from prison. The servant girl Rhoda, who first saw him, ran to tell the others that Peter was at the door. They answered in disbelief: “It must be his angel.” We may also ingemination the repeated references to the “angel of the lord’s presence” which guided the Israelites, in the form of a pillar of light and cloud, in their night-time escape from slavery in Egypt.

The “angel” of a god or a person is sometimes a ghost apparition and sometimes a zombie simulacrum or mannequin form of the man or god. Oduyoye notes the association of the Afro-Asiatic root “s-l-m-,” of the Hebrew information “selem,” in the Chadic group of languages, with the concept of double, twin or doppelganger. The gods have their selem-doppelganger in the “herrenmenshen” of humanity; and the “herrenmenshen,” in turn, have selem-doppelganger in the “untermenschen.” The “untermenschen” presumably will look to monkeys as their selem-doppelganger, for such is the interminable hierarchy of the superior and the inferior; the real and its imitation in the order of creation.

The relationship between a divine personage and his selem is a master-servant (“kyrios-doulous”) relationship. The selem lives in service to its divine alter ego. It is the doppelganger of its divine alter ego at a lower level level of existence, already as the first man, Adam, was the doppelganger of the Hebrew God, being made in the “image” and “likeness” of his creator. The entirety of the existence of a god’s doppelganger is dedicated to fulfilling its allotment as fixed, by the god, at a higher level of existence.

From the perspective of modern human scientific-technological thought deeply fascinated by the possibility of human beings creating android robot artificial intelligence versions of themselves, we might conceptualize the genesis account of man, made by God in his “image” and “likeness,” as the story of a divine nerd designing a “droid” Artificial Intelligence version of himself in man.

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