The Bookies Club

The Bookies Club

We are The Bookies Club, and let me proportion with you what makes this network so exciting. Last year, I helped a friend set up an IT and web-hosting service. One of our most interesting clients have been an anonymous group of bookies that paid us to create a hidden online forum for them to proportion their secrets and plan their betting odds. We secretly nicknamed them the Bookies Club.

The Bookies Club needed to use our obtain online hosting to discuss all the inside information and race fixing plans that they used to make sure they would always beat the punter. We provide the platform and technology for the bookies to collate and course of action this information and truly helped them calculate the best odds for them to use to lure in the punter and nevertheless come out on top overall!

It was obvious that we were helping them cheat and have an unfair advantage against people like you and me! Later we learnt that one of the bookies who is now semi-retired was making more money than the others by truly using the information from the forum to make money as a punter himself!!

Then we knew we had to try it ourselves and our success hasn’t stopped since. We no longer need to work but we must continue this unfair forum to keep getting this insider information. To make things less unfair for everyone else we have brought you this website Here we potential to deliver you the same insider tips we’ve hijacked from this Bookies Forum and converted to our own daily winnings!!

We have set a limit on the number of punters to proportion this exclusive information with so it doesn’t get abused and discovered by our Bookie Forum members. Congratulations on finding out about our network, now you can join our small group of winners by completing the registration.

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