Termite Control – Helpful Tips

Termite Control – Helpful Tips

As a homeowner, there are many things you have to worry about. From paying the bills to dealing with repairs, it can be difficult to stay on top of everything. When it comes to termite control, it’s best to prevent a problem, instead of deal with an infestation. By understanding simple ways to protect your home against termites, you can avoid having to deal with a serious problem. Aside from specialized care, there are a few ways that you manager termite control on your own.

The first tip is to eliminate wood contact with the ground. When there is earth to wood contact, these pesky insects can easily migrate to and into hardwoods. This is where they make their homes, satisfy, and multiply. When it comes to wood contact, this not only includes wood exteriors to homes, but also decking and wooden outdoor furniture. To prevent against an infestation, it will be important to make sure that your home exterior has at the minimum a six-inch obstacle from siding or lattice work and that decks have concrete bases. Sometimes, prevention is in the details. If you are in a particularly unprotected area, you should avoid outside wood furniture and wood mulch, in addition.

The same thing goes for wood that is exposed to water and moisture. The thing that makes wood especially attractive to termites is moisture. When wood is moist, it provides the perfect ecosystem to live. With food, water, and shelter, they will be free to multiply. Make sure that rainfall is directed away from the foundation of your house and that decks are sealed and protected against water damage. You should also make sure that your sprinkler systems do not have an puddling problems because already this can attract termites. Humidity can also be a problem. Make sure that your home is well insulated and kept dry, especially crawl spaces and attics.

If you store firewood on your character, make sure that it is far away from the foundation of your house. Not only should you eliminate wood contact with the ground, but also with your exterior. These environments are perfect for termites, and they will have closer access to your home. If they are stacked against your house, it won’t matter if you have a six-inch obstacle from the ground. This also holds true for other cellulose-based materials such as cardboard boxes and newspapers. If you have old or damaged trees, it’s important to properly dispose of them, in addition as stumps, old tree roots, or debris.

The best possible way to manager termite control is to have your home treated yearly or biannually by a specialized pest control company. When you have your home’s perimeter treated with safe and effective solutions, you can discourage termites from making their home in your home. You can also have pest control companies find other ways to protect your home by inspecting your home and exterior perimeter to clarify damages and entry points and seal or repair them.

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