Teen Depression – Maturity and Deceptions

Teen Depression – Maturity and Deceptions

When you are a child, your parents and grown-ups hide many things from you. The image you have of the world is completely distorted by their over-protection: everything is pink and blue. You believe that your life will always be so colourful and fine. They do everything for you, they tell you that life is beautiful and they fill your mind with many illusions and ridiculous suppositions about life. You are ignorant and you believe them…

Later, not only do you discover that Santa Claus does not exist but also that many other things in fact do not really exist in the human society, such as love and comprehension. You start discovering bit-by-bit that everything the grown ups told you are lies or distortions of the truth and you feel betrayed. Why didn’t they tell you that things are not easy at all? Why didn’t they properly prepare you to confront many failures in life, but only made you believe you would always succeed?

If you start deeply analyzing everything, you’ll realize that your parents were not really the adequate people to raise you. You’ll discover they don’t have any talent in parenting and they should not already have been married because their marriage is a routine where they are well accommodated, already though they are not happy.

If you think about your teachers, you will conclude that they were only doing their job and that the responsibility for your education and the illusions they imposed on you as if they were truths come from other minds, beyond theirs, that decide what you should learn. Then you will see that these people are also dependent on several laws, the mentality of the place where they belong and that nothing really works well in our world, so you must not expect much from anyone. You remember with nostalgia the time when everything seemed to be so beautiful and fine and the people around you always protected you and gave you everything you needed closest… Then you think about the way your parents treat you now that you are a teen, almost an adult.

They have many expectations: now they need many things from you. You need to study, be someone, follow the rules, elders, be part of your civilization and its mentality and quickly adapt to everything. Now you cannot stay in your bedroom just playing or fooling around. Now you only have many obligations…

This is only a taste of what your life will really be when you’ll be an adult and you’ll have to work 8 to 12 hours per day and do many other things in order to survive and be accepted by your social ecosystem…

Depending on your character, you may become depressed and feel completely ineffective with all the challenges that suddenly appear in your way and with all your deceptions, after verifying that real life is not like the fairy tales you used to listen to and trust when you were completely ignorant.

Courage! You can be helped in this situation by a very wise brain that regulates the functioning of your body. This is the unconscious that produces your dreams. The unconscious mind is going to show you the complete truth about yourself, people around you and the world you live in, without hiding anything from you and without distorting reality in order to manipulate you, like most human beings do.

You can trust the wisdom of the unconscious because it is based on sanctity and perfection. It is the consequence of many billions of years of studies, meditation and functional experiences. In your dreams, you will learn the meaning of your life and how to be happy in this world and how to transform it into a place where everyone will have the chance to be happy like you.

The wise unconscious will help you completely develop your conscience to the point that you will become a genius. You are not using the greatest part of your conscience because it belongs to the anti-conscience that has to be tamed and transformed by consciousness.

As soon as you develop your psychological roles and your conscience becomes totally human, you’ll find many solutions for all the problems caused by past generations, which are suffocating you today. Your generation will be wise if it realizes that it should help the world regain its human character and save our exploited planet from destruction.

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