Tea Leaf Psychics

Tea Leaf Psychics

Tea leaf psychics are very interesting although the method used is slightly dated. I had my first tea leaf reading when I was twelve years old and it left a decided impression on my mind. Does it work? Yes is does. The item that has dated this method is that loose tea is seldom used nowadays.

Loose tea leaves are required to read tea leaves. You make tea in a pot with the leaves and pour it unstrained into a cup. The person getting the reading drinks the tea and once the cup is almost drained, she or he swills it round and turns it upside down into the saucer. The leaves make a pattern in the cup and the psychic tea leaf reader reads the arrangement of tea leaves.

The tea leaves can make all sorts of patterns in the cup and the information they give to a good psychic reader are quite exceptional.

As I said earlier, I had a reading when I was young, performed by a good gypsy tea leaf reader and it disturbed me, as it foretold of death in the family which resulted in me hovering around that person for months until the memory retreated with time. The memory of it came back in force when the person died exactly as that gypsy had foretold. Although it took years to come to fruition, the facts were exact.

The patterns in the tea cup are read in rotation and this gives you the ordern in which events are said to happen. One can see birds and clouds in addition as animals. clearly, the more you read them the more signs you will learn to interpret. Similar to learning runes you need to learn what the various signs average. Once again this is a case of concentration calling your psychic ability to the fore. Energy more than the tea leaves themselves are what permit you to give the reading.

The patterns they give permit the connection to be made between the two parties and this calls the psychic ability to the spotlight enabling you to interpret the meanings for the client. Real psychic ability does exist and it is a matter of learning to interpret what you are being given. Don’t try to analyse it, but give forth the information as it comes to you, while at the same time making sure that it is given in a gentle manner.

Tea leaf psychic readers like gypsy readers are unfortunately more a thing of the past than an every day occurrence. The world has moved on, and because of the new ways of doing things they are more a novelty than something you would find at every seaside resort like you would have many years ago.

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