SubZERO Festival returns in San Jose

SAN JOSE — Arts and culture are making a reappearance on the streets of San Jose, as the SubZERO Festival returns for the first time since the start of the pandemic.

Bay Area artists spent the afternoon setting ups for the SubZERO Festival on South First Street.

For many, it is the first art festival they’ve attended in person in years.

“Subzero is the biggest event of the year for artists. It’s the first one in the past three years so we’re definitely looking forward to it,” said Ruben Escalante of MACLA, a Latino arts group in San Jose.

The festival will bring together artists and musicians, craftspeople and dancers. All of them are eager to get back to showcasing their work.

“We have some of the most creative people in all the world. It all comes down to that,” said Carlos Perez, a long-time San Jose artist.

The pandemic was both a blessing and a curse for artists.

“The pandemic definitely had everyone focused on making art,” said Fernando Amaro.

Many artists were forced to switch to selling their work online, but some of the inspiration of personal interactions was missing.

“I didn’t sell as much. I did create more and met new people online. But I’m excited to have a real-life experience again,” said Shayla Putnam.

Besides browsing art for sale on the streets, galleries on South First Street will be open to the public.

It’s chance for artists and art supporters to once again come together to celebrate the creative spirit.

The festival runs Friday and Saturday on South First St. in downtown San Jose.

Len Ramirez


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