Stop Drinking Alcohol Without AA – Tips That Can Help You

Stop Drinking Alcohol Without AA – Tips That Can Help You

If you are contemplating as to how to stop drinking alcohol without AA then you are definitely not going to be disappointed. This could be credited to the fact that there are some simple options obtainable and AA is not the only effective solution obtainable.

On the contrary quitting is a simple course of action provided one understands the mechanics behind alcoholism. The more popular myth being that dependence is due to the inherent need of the brain which is physically dependent on it so as to continue functioning. The truth being that the dependence is more emotional than physical and consequently merely committing to the cause of quitting can work wonders.

When setting targets some of us may resort to a gradual cut back in the quantity consumed, however the most effective option is to make a commitment never to consume again and not merely curtail the quantity consumed. The outcome is not pleasant and some would find it difficult to sleep or feel uneasy and restless without alcohol. Nevertheless the sensation will pass and you will little by little begin to settle down to into the new way of life without the need for drinking.

One particularly effective option is to control the brain and cause logical control over it by enumerating and recording the ill effects of alcohol and creating a comparative chart with the benefits of not drinking on the other side of the chart.

One of the greatest challenges when wondering as to how to stop drinking alcohol without AA is about having the courage to say ‘no’ when a drink is offered by friends and colleagues. Once the commitment is made and the first ‘no’ distinct the consequence is favourable and the journey becomes simpler. The simplest way of ensuring that you do not return to the habit is to begin enjoying your existence without the need for alcohol.

Alcoholism then is more than a disease like condition; it is rather a bad habit which needs to be broken. This is best done by altering behaviour and routines and inculcating some equally effective healthy habits. One of the most effective actions is to discard or give away the liquor at your home. in spite of of the cost or priceless association of memories, give away the wine glasses and beer mugs considering that you are never going to use them again.

If you are nevertheless puzzled or apprehensive about how to stop drinking alcohol without AA, then replace your friends with those who have healthy habits and do not drink. Alternatively you could already replace those hours with exercise routines so that you fill in your time with healthy options and continue to sustain the good work you started when you first made the commitment to quit drinking.

Some would have learnt to hate drinking considering the damage that it has done to their physical, mental and emotional state in the recent past. This could well cause a negative react to alcohol and one will find it far easier to quit drinking.

Those seeking a long-lasting cure would arguably find the time of action all the more effective if they decide to help themselves quit alcohol instead of depending on expensive treatment facilities which can treat but never cure the problem.

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