Speed Up Your WordPress Blog

Speed Up Your WordPress Blog

A meaningful factor in increasing a blog’s ranking in search engines and keeping visitors satisfied is the loading time of your website or blog. clearly, nobody wants to visit a site that crawls slower than a snail. All online readers prefer no errors and not waiting longer than the time it takes for moment noodles to cook. Click and expansion-that’s what we are all looking for in a blog.

Gone are the days when using the Internet needed more time to allow the page to show up on the monitor. It is true what they say that any blog or website only have at most ten seconds to draw attention from a visitor and make him or her browse by the pages. If your blog is taking longer to appear than this allotted time, say goodbye to possible readers.

If you want your WordPress blog to stay ahead of the pack, make some efforts to optimize it and reduce the load time with plug-ins that can help turbocharge your site. The following is a list of WordPress plug-ins that could help you unprotected to faster load time and higher ranking in search engines.

1. WP HTTP Compression – This plug-in reduces the size of the page by as much as 80% and increases download speed by 4 times. However, don’t use this with the WP Super Cache.

2. Hyper Cache – This is ideal if your site is not hosted by a provider which lacks whole pile of cutting edge resources. Hyper Cache is very easy to configure. It is also automatically optimized to minimize the disk usage in your site.

3. WP Optimize – An effective but very simple database clean-up tool. This plug-in lets you run database maintenance without the PhpMyAdmin. You can also use this to clear spams and comment queues with just a few clicks.

4. WP Smush It – Automatically reduces the image file size. Considered as very neat and effective by testers.

5. WP Minify – This helps the user compress CSS and JavaScript files to make the page loading easier and speedier. Since many theme developers do not take the time to optimize CSS, WP Minify is a great tool to accomplish the responsibilities.

6. Hosting Monitor Plugin- Hailed as a “cool” plugin, Hosting Monitor lets users check their great number-up time, load average, hardware info and of course, the current visitors. This allows you to keep tabs of web great number and monitor the problems.

7. WP Super Cache- Reduces overhead on the server that dishes out files when SQL database for WordPress install is not involved. Check first its compatibility with other themes or plugins you are using to ensure that it will work.

The meaningful to your blog’s success is speed and quality the above plugins and others will really help and also help with your search engine rankings.

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