Southern New England May Get 40+ MPH Winds, Heavy Rain On Saturday Nig…

Southern New England May Get 40+ MPH Winds, Heavy Rain On Saturday Nig…

BOSTON (CBS) — December in New England method the possibility of seeing multiple seasons play out over a span of days.

On Saturday, we had a battle of the seasons that played out over the time of a few hours, as we dealt with patchy areas of halting drizzle this morning north and west of Boston, followed by a spike in temperature into the 60s this afternoon.

Next up: a round of rain and the possible for some fairly strong wind gusts later tonight. We may already have a locally strong and gusty thunderstorm in the mix. That’s why we’ve issued a Storm Watch Weather Alert.

Temperatures will soar into the lower 60s Saturday night ahead of the cold front that contains the thunderstorm possible.

The timeframe to watch for both the possible of a thunderstorm and the strongest wind gusts is between approximately 10 p.m. on Saturday and 1 a.m. on Sunday. This is why the National Weather Service has issued a Wind Advisory which covers all of Southern New England.

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Areas like the South Coast, Cape Cod, and the Islands stand the greatest chance of experiencing some of the stronger gusts, which will be up near 50 mph.

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This is the same template that we saw just a few days ago. The 1-2 punch of a warm front passing by the vicinity followed by a cold frontal passage with late thunderstorms was enough to cause wind damage and strength outages for thousands. Saturday night will likely play out the same way for some in our area.

Beyond Saturday, temperatures should stay at-or-above average for the next 10 days or so. Not great news for ski resorts, but could Santa come by with a pattern change by Christmas?

There are a few hints that things could get interesting. Stay tuned!

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