Sony Bravia KDL-60EX700 HDTV – A Short Review

Sony Bravia KDL-60EX700 HDTV – A Short Review

If you have been looking into purchasing an HDTV, you have likely noticed that there are endless choices. Here we review one choice, the Sony Bravia KDL-60EX700 HDTV and discuss the features of it for you.

This HDTV is packed with features. Some of them include:

• Automatic shut off – if you get up and leave the room, this TV shuts itself off. There is a “presence sensor” and this is a really good characterize if you tend to forget to turn off your TV. It is a great electricity saving measure. You will see a “the TV is about to turn off” message before it shuts down.
• Excellent picture quality – features a matte screen that operates very well in bright rooms while nevertheless showing accurate color.
• Many menu choices, including internet sets such as Netflix so that you can easily view movies whenever you feel the need. It also features access to the internet so you can look at YouTube videos, blip.TV and Yahoo, amongst others.
• Swivel and tilt features so that you can adjust the set to your liking and specific preferences.
• Ergonomic far away with a sliding battery compartment.
• No backlighting, but instead has edge-lit LED to illuminate the screen.
• The ability to stream photos, music and video from your PC;
• Custom, Vivid or Standard picture choices;
• Customizable settings for any situation or viewing choice;
• Ambient light characterize – automatically adjusts the viewing settings according to the room’s lighting;
• Easily easy to reach on screen menus divided into chapters and then sections so that you can find in any case you are looking for.
• Four HDMI inputs – two on the rear and two on the side, USB port for music, photos and video, AV input for video, RF input for antenna or cable, Ethernet port in addition as an analog input for your computer.

This particular HDTV offers a lot of new technologies that are not obtainable on many other HDTV models. Many people will be interested in purchasing this particular TV because of the eco-conscious energy savings measures. When the TV shuts down, it draws minimal strength, saving you money each and every month. Aside from that, how many people have children that leave the TV on regularly, already when no one is in the room? This won’t happen anymore with the Sony Bravia KDL-60EX700 HDTV! The internet access characterize is also one that many people are looking for in a good HDTV.

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