shared Myths About Scabies

shared Myths About Scabies

Scabies is a mite that develops into a rash on someone when the person becomes a great number for the insects. It is extremely contagious and they burrow under the outer inner of skin to copy. This results in red pimple formations that itch which is known as scabies rash. They are not visible to the naked eye so you probably will never see one. The skin can itch out of control and it may also consequence in blisters. The mites and their waste cause this allergic reaction and the rash is not due to being bitten. If you were in contact with someone with scabies, you may not see it develop on your own body for a week to several weeks. Some people do not get it and this can be due to having minimal contact with the person or one’s immune system.

One myth about scabies is that it’s due to being unclean. This isn’t true as scabies can occur in very fancy nursing homes. The mite is spread by contact so if someone get it from a grandchild or at a hospital then they can spread it to others around them. A second myth is that you can use lice treatments to treat scabies. Scabies require a 5 percent permethrin treatment and lice uses one percent. A third myth is that if you had scabies you can’t get it again. This isn’t the case and in fact if you before had it, you will notice symptoms within a few days instead of weeks later.

It is a good idea that all the family members get treated at the same time in order to prevent the disease from spreading back and forth. The bedding and clothes of the scabies infected person need to be washed with hot water and ironed in order to eliminate the mites and their eggs. The most important part of treatment would be applying the pesticide cream. You can be rid of this pest but stay vigilant and be careful if you go back to the ecosystem where you picked it up.

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