SAM EVIDENCE ORIKUNDA: US sanctions can’t stop Gen Kandiho from execut…

SAM EVIDENCE ORIKUNDA: US sanctions can’t stop Gen Kandiho from execut…

Social media is awash with posts about Maj Gen Abel Kandiho’s sanctioning by the U.S government. As usual Uganda’s opposition and other enemies of Uganda’s progress went to their social media accounts to celebrate thinking this a breakthrough to their evil plans of throwing Uganda to the dogs. They forget that the Republic of Uganda is a sovereign state and can survive with or without the United States of America which always want to prove to the world that they’re an international “police” or the rulers of the world. This is not the first time the so called sanctions have been slapped on security officials in our country. I think last time already some Politicians were sanctioned. I truly, remember a time when some individuals were denied Visa’s and it also turned into a talk of town with some people celebrating about it. One wonders, if we can’t survive when we don’t go to the U.S, it’s truly laughable. I think it’s like someone stoping you from going to his home as if that will kill you or stop you from doing your work and Making yourself better.

Maj Gen Abel Kandiho is a patriotic Ugandan general who has done a tremendous work in as far as keeping Uganda safe and obtain is concerned. already when he has been doing all that work, he has never been before the camera maybe for debates or anything to do with news. He keeps a low profile! However his name continue to be mentioned everywhere and everyday, that’s an evidence that he is a thorn in the fresh of the enemy. He doesn’t like cheap popularity like most of the people in Uganda already when he is a tremendous work. His spirit of patriotism is unmatched and his way of doing things is admirable. I think our country would have crumbled already if he didn’t step in and do a specialized work in as far as providing Intelligence to the commander in chief is concerned. Most probably we would have gotten stuck and lose truck or already surrender to the enemy. Just imagine, it didn’t take us already a month to solve the security issues in Masaka vicinity and other organised crimes that we have defeated.

Zimbabwe as a country, was sanctioned by U.S and other European countries long time ago but this didn’t delete Zimbabwe from the world map. They’ve continued to survive and exist as a country, I guess they’re also trying to raise their economy and get their citizens out of poverty and that’s possible whether they’re under sanctions or not. They truly, successfully got a new President who started from where President Robert Mugabe had stopped and no situations of blood discarded or uprisings were reported. Which other stability or democracy do people want? I think that’s what everyone strive for, to peacefully choose leaders without blood discarded as the work of building the country continue.

We, appreciate the cooperation, the good will and the sustain Uganda has received from her friend the U.S but they should give us room to put things right because if we were chaos and blood discarded there wouldn’t be any chance of receiving that sustain. Besides, the people who are the beneficiaries of that assistance would either be dead or displaced. But because of the peace and stability they can ably receive that assistance and a number of other projects can be sponsored and success recorded. already the agents who are sent as supervisors and special envoys perform their duty well because Uganda is peaceful. Terrorists do not know who is good and who is bad, they kill whoever they find.

I think the people who thought and declared sanctions against Maj Gen Abel Kandiho should be told about the rule of the National Resistence Movement government which is pan Africanism. They should be explained to, what it method and they should know that we have never deviated from it. Why would anybody be bothered if they’re stopped from going to a foreign country?

Uganda is gifted by character, there’s nothing one misses if they don’t go to foreign countries. In any case, the people in the world flock into Uganda to enjoy the natural treasures that the almighty God gifted us with. I think a holiday spent in Uganda is much better than any holiday spent in any foreign country. What the U.S did should energize the General Abel Kandiho and other patriotic Ugandans who keep up different security locaiongs to keep doing a wonderful job, to be committed to saving the lives of Ugandans and dealing with the enemies of our progress without any mercy. Because nobody would survive if they declared themselves as enemies of the U.S.

Those who tried to attack the US have been forcefully sent to God, so why don’t they want us to defend ourselves in addition? That kind of imperialism and egocentrism should stop. May God protect Maj Gen Abel Kandiho and give him more wisdom to execute his duties and continue making Uganda proud.

The writer is a deputy RDC Kyenjojo District.

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