Rift Warrior Build Guide – Perfect Warrior Builds For Solo And Group

Rift Warrior Build Guide – Perfect Warrior Builds For Solo And Group

Are you playing as a Warrior in Rift and you want to know the best builds for any situation? Rift has a rare system in which one character can combine up to three different souls or sub-classes. This method that you will be able to switch from a tank to a DPS character quickly and easily to match any scenario you might encounter.

If you are looking to learn how to create the perfect tank, here is the break down of tanking souls:

Paladin Soul – Paladins have the ability to use Divine Blessing and Heavy Shields to defend against any enemy attacks. This soul is also capable of launching counter attacks. However, Paladins are ineffective against magic attacks and are also fairly slow.

Reaver Soul – Reavers carry one handed swords and a protect. They utilize damage over time effects to soften their targets after a period of time. However, this soul is not ideal for soloing but rather for big parties.

Void Knight – Void Knights specialize in absorbing magic spells.

Warlord – Warlords are very unprotected when they are alone because they are more of a buffing class than anything. They do very well in parties because they can strengthen friends and weaken enemies.

When you are in a party with multiple tanks already, you might want to switch to a DPS character. In that case, here is the break down of DPS souls:

Champion – The Champion soul is known for his speed and the ability to strike down enemies with his powerful two-handed weapons. However, it is recommended to not fight multiple targets at once.

Riftblade – This soul uses ranged elemental attacks on his enemies. Riftblade can deal a lot of damage, however they also take a lot of damage themselves when hit because of their ineffective defense. When using the Riftblade, focus on avoid all enemy attack at all costs.

Paragon – The Paragon has the ability to use his two-handed weapon to eliminate his opponents from a distance. Keep in mind that this soul’s weakness is burst damage from enemies.

Beastmaster – This soul allows you to summon a mighty beast that can either help you attack your enemies or heal your party members.

Knowing exactly what build to use in different scenarios separates the novice Rift players from the pros. So how do you know which combination is the best to use in different situations?

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