Rid Yourself of Garden Slugs

Rid Yourself of Garden Slugs

They’re slimy and they can eat ugly holes in your plant’s leaves, fruit, stem and bulbs. They’re garden slugs and snails and we gardeners have been battling them for centuries. If your garden has been attacked by slugs, allow me give you some helpful hints on how to remove them.

1. Hand picking. You can pluck the slimy suckers off your plants and if you can gather up the adults before they have the chance to copy, you’ll have your garden slug situation pretty well under control. What do you do with them after you’ve picked them? Well, if you’re not a fan of escargot you can drop them in a bucket of salty water. Just be sure not to put salt directly in your garden or you’ll ruin your soil.

2. Prefer a less hands-on method? Build a trap and lure those slugs out of your garden. Place inverted cabbage leaves, inverted orange rinds or already an upside down flower pot that has one edge propped up just a little near your garden. When your slugs and snails see these irresistible lures, they’ll abandon your garden and rush (ok, maybe not rush. We are talking about snails here) to your newly built Garden Slug Hotel to avoid the light and heat of the sun. Now all you have to do is throw away your traps each morning and several snails and slugs go along with them.

3. Keep garden slugs away with copper. Oh slugs and snails hate copper! Due to their makeup, the copper truly gives them an electric shock when they come in contact with it. You can keep slugs away from your garden by placing copper strips around flower pots (this makes a nice decoration, too) or around the base of your plants. Just be sure to clean your copper regularly with vinegar to keep it from tarnishing. Tarnished copper won’t be an effective deterrent.

4. Dissolve garden slugs and snails by spraying them with a combination of 1 part ammonia and 4 parts water. Simply pour it into a spray bottle and when you see a slug or snail, spray it. The chemicals will literally eat the snail or slug away without harming your plants or the soil.

Now you know how to win the battle against garden slugs.

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